We are a group of NUS Muslim students passionate in serving the Muslim community in NUS.

We are here to help, insyaAllah.

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Current Events

There are many events that are happening on the daily in NUS. Sometimes, even we miss out a few but here are some that we think might interest you!

Halal Food

Hungry? Not sure where to have a meal? Here is a list of the Halal food stalls in and about NUS!

Our Ad-Hoc Projects

University students are creative and driven people. Here are some information that you might want to know about our ad-hoc projects! You might even want to join them yourself!

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Where to Pray in NUS?

Alhamdulillah, NUS provides various musollahs in different faculties for your praying needs.

Here are a list of them along with nearby mosques that you can consider to perform your obligations.

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