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04th Apr 2014

Nominations for 51st NUSMS Executive Committee

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! The final weeks of the term are approaching and it is that time of the academic year again to nominate the upcoming Executive Committee of NUSMS!...

16th Feb 2014

Upcoming Event: Hunger Games 2014

The highly-anticipated sports event of the year is here! Register NOW!

16th Feb 2014

Upcoming Talks & Events

It's a packed week of talks and more!

16th Feb 2014

Knowing the Beloved Series: Poem of the Mantle|A Manifestation of Love

The mawlid three-part series culminated in a blessed gathering at the Tentera Diraja Mosque with a recitation of the Qaseedah Al Burdah.

16th Feb 2014

Knowing the Beloved Series: Talk #2

Prophet Muhammad SAW, The Timeless Exemplar- led by the respected Ustaz Iqbal Abdullah

16th Feb 2014

Knowing the Beloved Series: Talk #1

Knowing Our Prophet (SAW) and Deepening Our Love for Him (SAW)- a talk by the esteemed Ustaz Anwar Hussain

09th Feb 2014

Upcoming Talks

Salaam everyone! Here is a list of upcoming talks that will be conducted in conjunction with the NUS Islam Awareness Week 2014. (Yes, they are open to public!) The Heart...

26th Jan 2014

Kids Central 2.0: Dreamswork

A day of fun, laughter and joy organised for the wonderful children at West Coast Student Services Centre (WESSC).