Voyage of Knowledge desires to inspire students and to have them aware of the rich diversity and expansive heritage left by their predecessors in faith.

"In light of concerns of divisiveness within the Muslim community, VOKS desires to bring awareness to Islamic traditions in its richness and diversity. Much of narrow mindedness can expand to see the beauty of many points of view within our Islamic traditions. Ultimately, it is to strive for humility in our practice.”

"The VOKS team has always been a small family. With the responsibility of organising several events on our shoulders, we’ve learnt the importance of serving quality over quantity to the best we can. We are ever thankful for the guidance given by the asatizah we have worked with and our passionate VOKS seniors."
Aquila deanna
MEMBER (Voyage of Knowledge Series)

Islamic Traditions and the Modern World

In an increasingly secularized and individualistic world, modern men are paradoxically returning to religions in search for greater meanings in life.

Religion should not be seen as antithetical to this modern world. On the contrary, religions should contribute , beyond poersonal gratification, to developing a gracious and peaceful world. 


This course attempts to discuss the essentials of Islamic traditions in the realm of spirituality and intellectualism, with the view of developing youth who hold strongly to Islamic principles while adapting to changing context.

Divided into 4 parts:

  1. Islamic Worldview and Traditions
  2. Islamic Spiritual Traditions
  3. Islamic Intellectual Traditions
  4. Concluding dialogue with Mufti of Singapore

Introduction to Islamic Legal Traditions

This course attempts to briefly problematize the popular understanding of Shari’ah. It discusses key terms and concepts that form the integral whole of Shari’ah – its nature and history.

The content covered:

  1. Shari’ah: Its Nature, History and related terms
  2. Understanding the Higher Objectives of Shari’ah (Maqasid Shar’iyyah)
  3. An Introduction to the legal principles and maxims of governing the Shari’ah and their applications to specific classical and contemporary problems
  4. Dialogue session with Mufti and the Office of Mufti

Islamic Intellectual Tradition: Islamic And Malay Ethical Traditions

Comprising two parts, the first part of this seminar aims to introduce ethics and ethical questions in their rightful manner, and to familiarise participants with ethical discourse. 

The second part discusses Islamic Ethics and the Malay Adat Ethical concepts, and their interactions.

Session ended with a dialogue session with the Mufti of Singapore on contemporary issues and their ethical considerations.

The Informed Local: Diversity of Perspectives in our Islamic Traditions

A collaborative effort with ASIIUM (Association of Singapore students in the International Islamic University of Malaysia) was undertaken to establish a more structured working relationship with the recognised authorities and provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to interact.

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