Valour is our Youth Outreach adhoc and they work with a beneficiary to bring joy and happiness to the youths there.

"Both giver and recipient reap the benefits of a sharing and caring community. With Valour, all are included in its cycle to give back and encourage others to give back."

“Inspired by the commendable values of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the Valour team seeks to provide a platform for both its youth beneficiaries and NUS students to develop leadership skills and values of care, concern and responsibility through the act of community service, with the aim of shaping a more community-conscious society.“
Project Director (Valour: YOUth Take Charge)

Bonding Session

We kick started our Valour journey with a bonding session with the youths of Jamiyah
Children’s Home.

As many of the committee members and volunteers are interacting with the youths for the first time, the bonding session served as a platform for us to get to know and be comfortable with them, vice versa.

Talk with Committee members and Volunteers

The Valour team decided to focus on two essential values – responsibility and care and

To do this, we had a conducted a talk to educate the committee members and volunteers on the values and how to impart these values to the youths. The talk was conducted by an MOE Primary School teacher, Brother Zulhafiz, who has experience working with youths.

Responsibility could be summarised as the duty to
fulfil a certain task whether one had the intention to do it or not.

Care and Concern could be summarised as first, showing and doing things to show that one cares about another, second, to empathise with the other person on their level, and where both care and concern required a genuine intention to connect with them.

Sharing Session with Br. Zulhafiz

To impart the values of responsibility and care & concern to the youths.

For our third event, we wanted the youths to learn the two values as well, and so invited Brother Zulhafiz again this time to interact with the youths of Jamiyah Children’s Home.

The sharing session introduced the two values to the youths. What made the sharing session more interesting and relatable was when Brother Zulhafiz related the two values back to our greatest role model, Prophet Muhammad SAW. and how he was responsible and how he showed care and concern for
the people around him even when he was ill-treated.

The sharing session also consisted of an activity and a reflection session. The activity required the youths to guide their blindfolded partners in the midst of distractions. The activity was an effective means to relay the values to the youths as they had the responsibility to guide their partners and take care of them and be concerned about their safety in a handicapped state, simultaneously.

During the reflection session, the youths shared their thoughts and feelings about the two values and it was heartwarming to see that they took away something valuable from the session.

Shopping Race

After learning the values, we wanted the youths to develop those values, hence a shopping race was organised for them. The race was held at Paya Lebar Singpost building. The race was divided into two segments, the race itself, and the second being the shopping for items.

During the race segment, three stations were set up for the youths to earn vouchers that will be used to buy groceries and household items.

These items are for the hampers that will be given to the Woodlands residents in the next event. 

Hamper Distribution

Youths are given the opportunity to give back to the community and practise the values that they have learnt.

These homes were selected with the help of the members
of Woodlands PAP. Before moving off for the distribution, the youths wrote personalised letters to the occupants/Woodlands residents of the homes to whom they will be distributing the hampers.

These letters included words of encouragement.

During the distribution itself, the youths interacted with the Woodlands residents, practicing the values of care and concern by getting to know them and asking about their wellbeing. Of responsibility, it was through the giving of necessities to needy or low-income families to help ease their load.

Several Woodlands residents were inclined to tell stories of their lives, having seen the youths’ genuine concern despite their shyness. After the distribution, during the debrief session, the youths expressed that they were moved by their stories. It was heartwarming to see the youths taking this opportunity to practice what they had learnt in the events prior to this, and to see that it had made a positive impact on them.

The Final Reflection

A carnival organised and held at NUS Science Frontier MPH.

The youths were given a booklet called Passports which included a personal particulars page reminiscent of a real passport with a slot for them to paste polaroids of themselves taken at the entrance to the carnival, the values they had learnt thus far, a few pages to paste quotes on and a reflection page.

Different game stations were held followed by a reflection session at the end. 

During the reflection, the committee members held up sign boards with quotes of positivity. The youths would then approach the members to ask about the quotes that they were interested in.

The members and youths then shared stories and past experiences concerning the quote in discussion. After sharing them, the youths would receive a sticker with the same quote written on them and paste it into their Passports in the quotes section. Finally, a film screening was held.

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