Our sports adhoc, most frequently known as ‘Rihlah’ serves the purpose to bring sports into the lives of Muslims and show how both religion and physical activity can co-exist.

"It is said that “A strong believer is better and dearer than a weak one, and both are good” (Al-Bukhari) - Rihlah 1439H seeks to create a platform for Muslim students to congregate, so as to encourage them to get active and engage in Sports together."

“In the hopes of demonstrating the connection between the importance of taking care of our physical health and Islam, the Rihlah 1439H committee worked tirelessly to construct events incorporating Islamic values in fun Sports activities as seamlessly as possible.“
Project Director (Rihlah 1439H)

Archery Tag

Following our theme of Sunnah, we chose an activity that involved one of the 4 sports the Prophet SAW was interested in – Archery!

Archery emphasises the strength of focus in one’s actions. Plus, how often do you get to engage in archery with your friends? Again, we wanted to provide

Muslim students with a platform to get active and have fun together with their friends. We also thought that including a different sport aside from Cycling would encourage those
who cannot cycle to come down and join us.

Night Cycling

The Rihlah Night Cycling has been ongoing for several years and is one of our well-known events amongst the tertiary institutions.

We believe that Cycling in groups would give
participants an opportunity to spend time with their friends actively, and forge new friendships as well. To add on,

Cycling is a sport that builds up endurance. Of course, the view of the city skyline at night is a definite bonus.

This year, all of the participants gathered at Masjid Darul Aman in Eunos, where we had our briefing, icebreakers and warm-up before they embarked on their journey towards NUS.

The theme for our Night Cycling event was Sunnah and we focused mainly on the sunnahs of taking care of one’s physical health so as to be better able to carry out
one’s religious obligations, as well as that of gathering with one’s family after dark to share stories of the Prophets so that people may benefit from these stories. 

About the Stories

These stories were selected in a manner such that
they would pre-empt participants to think about a message related to the coming game stations.

First Station: Glow in the Park

Located at East Coast Park, the message here is on compassion.

Second Station: Pass the Message

Held at the Marina Barrage, the message here is ‘Amanah’.

Participants realized that their drawings became more and more vague further along the line – similar to messages that become diluted and contorted as they are passed through social media.

Third Station: Bounce

Participants had to bounce an object in pairs to the end of
the line, where a leader was positioned to catch the object.
Very evidently, Cooperation was crucial!

Fourth Station: Reflection

Located at West Coast Park, participants receive motivational messages from the groups before them. Participants too have to write their own motivational messages for the group after them to spur them on for the final leg of the journey. 

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