Rihlah 1437H: Purify your Niyyah, Recharge your Iman

Organised by the National University of Singapore Muslim Society, Rihlah 1437H is a sports event which intends to reach out to the youths of Singapore. Through the medium of cycling, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and simultaneously act as a platform for our participants to gain Islamic knowledge through the underlying notions of purifying one’s Niyyah (Intentions) and recharging one’s Iman (Faith). Every single action begins with an intention and in this modern era, we tend to get caught up with our busy schedules and find ourselves in need of recharging our Iman.  At the end of the event, we hope that participants would realise the importance of our intentions when carrying out our actions. We also wish for all to have benefited and gained useful knowledge, experiences, values and not forgetting new friendships.

Besides serving as a platform to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we also wanted to debunk the common perception that Islam and sports are disparate but instead to advocate that the two are congruent with one another. Participants also get to learn about values, such as perseverance and teamwork among others, viewed from an Islamic point of view, which are also related to the stories of the Prophet (peace be upon him), verses from the Quran and excerpts from various Hadiths.


The event took place on the 5th March at 8pm till 6th March 8am. Cyclists started their journey (Rihlah) at Masjid Kampung Siglap and ended at Masjid Mawaddah in Punggol. The event started with an opening speech by our Project Director Brother Zahin, followed by a short safety briefing by our Chief Safety Officer Brother Alif.

A total of about 160 participants were dispatched in a total of 6 waves (of 2 groups each) with staggered timing. While waiting for their turn, groups had the chance to mingle around and find out fascinating facts about one another through interactive games and activities.


It was a cycling trail that pleases the eyes of these night owls. The trail included scenic places such as East Coast Park, Sun Plaza Park, Pasir Ris Park, and Punggol Waterway Park. There were a number of game stations along the way which emphasized the overall theme of the event – Purify your Niyyah, Recharge your Iman. The games were targeted to simulate situations whereby the participants could relate to the theme, simultaneously making it fun and enjoyable so that their spirits are kept alive throughout the entire night.



The overall route was quite challenging; to avoid riding on road sides, it was mainly all through park connectors. To top it all of, at Mawaddah mosque, the participants had a tazkirah (short sermon) after Subuh prayers by Ustaz Muhammad Mokhtar revolving around the same theme of the event. It summarized the different aspects of the theme and Ustaz Mokhtar beautifully gave his perspective on the theme. The event ended with a mass congregated breakfast session followed by the prize ceremony for the best group and best photos uploaded onto social media.


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