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With the tag line of ‘Remembering Forgotten Blessings’, Project Link 2018 is a 4-part series that aims to inculcate the spirit of appreciating one of our greatest blessings whom we may sometimes overlook – our elders.

"Interaction cultivates understanding. Project Link provides ways students can appreciate, engage with and give back to the elderly in our community."

“Made up of passion and a lot of heart for the elderly which is infused with a desire to serve the elderly, the committee intends to provide opportunities for people to do good for the sake of Allah and His Messenger SAW.“
hidayah bibi
Project Director (Project Link 2018)

Forgotten Blessing I: The Reminder

We kick-started our series with a talk by the esteemed Ustaz Nuzhan Abdul Halim. The talk focused on our duties and responsibilities towards the elders, especially our parents.

We hoped that through the talk, we are reminded on the significance of the elderly and parents in our lives, and can reflect further on the type of elderly we would like to be in the future.

Forgotten Blessing II: The Departure

We invited two respected speakers, Brother Aydarus and Brother Ameer Al-Hakeem to enlighten us on issues relating to the sensitive, yet inevitable, passing of our elders.

The objective of this event is to remind us of our continued duties towards our elders, especially our parents, even after their passing. It was also hoped that attendees would be informed on the funeral management process as well as the etiquettes towards the deceased.

Through this, we hope to have increased our gratitude and appreciation towards our parents and elders and would be better prepared for the one certain thing in life – death.

Through these two events, we hope that foundations of love, respect and mercy towards parents and elderly have been laid. Following this, our last two events are meant to be practical means for participants to act on the knowledge learnt in the first two events.

Elders of NUS

Starting in 2016, it is a goodie bag give away that aims to facilitate interaction between the students and elderly staff in NUS.

The goodie bags are both a display of appreciation towards the staff and a way for students to start a conversation with the elderly staff, as students may not know how to begin a conversation with the staff.

Through this event, we hope that the elderly staff would feel happier and more appreciated. We also hope that the students were able to learn from the many experiences of the elderly and benefitted from the advice and stories that were shared with them.

Project HomeWorks

To end off Project Link, we collaborated with Habitat for Humanity, a non-for-profit organization in their initiative, Project Homeworks.

Project Homeworks aims to improve the living condition of the elderly who are living alone in one-room flats around Singapore. 

In the short but intense half-day cleaning session, participants had helped clean up and paint the homes of 6 elderly. Through this event, participants were exposed to the unimaginable realities of some low-income elderly in Singapore.

We hope that through this exposure and interaction with the elderly, participants would reflect on the many blessings they have overlooked, learn from the elderly’s experiences as well as develop a sense of empathy towards those less-privileged than them.

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