Seek to understand and learn more about the character, persona and beauty of the Prophet Muhammad SAW through talks, exhibitions and interactions and ending it off with a Grand Maulid.

"With burning passion and selfless dedication, the PBUH committee is ever-committed to serving the cause of Allah and Rasulullah ‎ﷺ."

“PBUH, amongst many other things to me, is a sacred path of love for anyone who wishes to tread it - each experience a unique journey for one’s self.“
syazwan shaha
Project Director (PBUH 1439H)

Grand Maulid

Provides a platform for individuals from various backgrounds to come together with their families and friends to celebrate their love for the Prophet PBUH. Talks accompanied by Qasidah recitation and also reciting of the Maulid Ad-diba’ie filled the event. 

Date Night with the Beloved PBUH

It was a talk by Ustaz Zahid Zin on the persona, character and beauty of the Prophet PBUH. The talk was conducted in an intimate setting for the audience to get the feel that it was really a date with the beloved Prophet PBUH.

Unwrapping the Gift in Youth

Conducted by Ustaz Muhsin Hamzah, it focused on increasing the love for the Prophet PBUH and sharing ways for one to connect with him. Participants were given reflection cards to pen down their thoughts of what they would give as a gift to the Prophet PBUH.

A Day with the Prophet PBUH

Aimed to allow the audience to get a glimpse of the character of the Prophet PBUH, how he led his life and the environment that he lived in. Some items displayed such as his clothes, bed and food were accompanied with short pieces of information to understand the significance of the items.

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