54th NUSMS Initiatives

Apart from the ExCo-Led events, there are other initiatives and collaborations that the 54th had embarked on. These initiatives serve to better the community and are also collaborations with other societies and organizations.


The Food2Share initiative was intended to be a collaboration with the various Ground-up initiatives (GUI) and societies to better serve and connect with the community by having food distribution with the hopes of attaining blessings through this distribution and to show the beautiful side of Islam and Muslims to the general NUS population.

This initiative was conducted twice, one of which was in conjunction with one of the blessed days in the Islamic Calendar, The day of Ashura as a collaboration with a GUI, Guide2Goodness. The second distribution was in collaboration with PBMUKS.

The conjunction was also intended to encourage good acts to be done on days which were honourable in the Islamic Calendar.

Tertiary Career Conference

Tertiary Career Conference is a collaboration with various tertiary institutes, specifically NUS, NTU, SUTD and IIUM, in gathering professionals and seniors from various industries for a networking and sharing session on the different possibilities of careers after graduation.

This unprecedented inter-varsity collaboration will see different universities explore industries related to the field of selected studies.

The bulk of the discussion will be about sharing their personal experiences with the undergrads in hopes that it will shed light on insights of each industry, inspire the next generation of professionals and pave the way forward for the advocacy of creating bright Muslim professionals.

BAPA Food Distribution

The project is a community involvement project organised by Badan Agama & Pelajaran Radin Mas (BAPA).

Volunteers delivered food packets to underprivileged households in two locations – McPherson and Jurong every weekday throughout the month of Ramadhan.

This project was a collaboration between BAPA, PBMUKS and NUSMS.

Masjid Hajjah Fatimah Iftar Service

Muslims were invited to the Masjid Hajjah Fatimah to assist in iftar operations which formally began at 5.30pm all the way till iftar.

Assisting in iftar operations consisted of the following: assisting in general hygiene and cleanliness of eating area and washing up areas, pouring of porridge into bowls, laying the plastic sheet where iftar would take place on, arranging food and drinks onto the plastic sheets as well as ushering.

Oranges of Peace

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, NUSMS collaborated with Roses of Peace (ROP), Al-Falah and Khalid Mosques to distribute as many as 1000 oranges along with 500 greeting cards. 

They were distributed within NUS campus and along Orchard Road. 

This initiative was to primarily share joy and bring a message of peace to the Chinese community at large.

Simultaneously, it aimed to inculcate the value of humility especially when participants gave away to all layers of the Chinese community, including cleaners, helpers, vendors, the Dean and staff.

Ba'alwie Museum Tour

This initiative was there to provide an avenue for student leaders of various faiths in campus and the NUS community in general to interact and be more connected with one another.

The Baalwie museum tour is part of this initiative by bringing awareness and understanding Islam in Singapore’s modern context. The awareness was in the form of a simple, informal and light-hearted session via a museum tour, conversation with the imam of the mosque, Habib Hassan over a catered lunch.

It was as a good platform to provide information to student leaders and staff advisors of different faiths about the core values of Islam, the peaceful message the religion brings and that Islam is a religion that integrates well with any society.

Dungeon Clean Up

There were two stages to this small initiative. The first part involved the clearing of the dungeon as well as reorganising the items that are dumped around the dungeon. This consisted of clearing clearly unwanted items such as cardboard boxes as well as items and equipment that are in a clear state of disuse. Apart from that, a minor spring cleaning was done to spruce up the general cleanliness of the dungeon

The second part consisted of the cataloguing of the items that had value and could still be used but were found outside the cages, i.e., not stored properly. Items as such were photographed at put into a list for purposes of putting them up for claiming by clubs and societies that had storage spaces in the Dungeon.


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