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ASA RE-ACH is an overseas CIP project by NUSMS. This year, they are taking their efforts to Lombok, Indonesia to carry out conservation efforts.

"As muslims, not only do we have to care for the community, we also have to care for the Earth. Through ASA RE-ACH, we aim to show care to the Earth and at the same time reach out to the community and alleviating the hardships of those we are able to reach out to."

“I think our team worked well together although of course there were hiccups along the way. Especially proud of ALL of them because they worked so well despite the pressure they were under.“
nadiah afiqah
Assistant Project Director (ASA RE-ACH 2018)

Lack of Resources for English Education

Understanding the importance of English in today’s society compounded together with the fact that Lombok has a growing tourism industry, the team realised that there needs to be an improvement in the standard of English in the schools there.

Lack of Proper Waste Management System

Waste management is another focus point for the team this year. Looking at the conditions of their polluted waters, the team decided to bring about awareness and kickstart a proper waste management system. 

Deteriorating Corals & Mangroves

Due to certain methods of fishing, it has caused much damage to the coral reefs there. However, unbeknownst to them, damaging the coral reefs will also reduce their yield of fish over the years thus, the team decided that it might be an important focus point for their OCIP. 

Therefore, in an effort from the team to restore the coral reefs, they are planning to work with KOMPAK, a local Non-Governmental Organisation. 

Coral buds will be collected by experienced divers from Bidara Island and planted into the team’s handmade platform.

Furthermore, the team will be planting mangrove saplings in an effort to restore Petagan Island’s Mangroves that are crucial to the ecosystem.



Deforestation & Lack of Forest Cover

Deforestation is a world-wide problem and thus, the team believes that it has to have a world-wide effort. The team has decided to slow down the impact of deforestation by working with Green Rinjani to plant saplings on Mount Rinjani.

Poor Conditions of Existing Learning Centres

The team believes that learning centres should be conducive locations for gatherings, meetings and a place of learning.

By fixing and restoring their dilapidated learning centres, the team hopes to revitalise the place.

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