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NISAA’ is a Ground-Up Initiative started by ladies, for ladies. They organize events that target the muslimahs in the NUS Muslim community and touch on female-focused topics. 

"As much as Nisaa' is a space for women to collectively come together and forge a sisterhood for the love of Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w, it is also a personal space where she rediscovers herself, grows and enriches herself through the knowledge that she gains and seeks her passion to actively contribute back to her society and her religion."

"I believe all of Nisaa' (women) in NUS belong in Nisaa'. It does not really matter whether you are in the committee or not, as long as we're continuously looking out for one another, motivating one another and learning from one another, that is the definition of Nisaa'."
MEMBER (Spiritual Subcommittee)

Sisters' Circle in Semester 1

The first Sisters’ Circle see the invitation of Sister Fadhilah Wahid – author of the famed book, “Life, Love, God (Intentions)” – for an interactive segment where everyone that attended the session shared their intentions. 

Muslimahs were gathered in a comfortable setting where they can get beautiful reminders from each other and also to get the blessings of Allah SWT and His Rasul SAW.

The second Sisters’ Circle was entitled, “Woman in the Mirror” where they hoped to unravel the topic of modesty and beauty. 

Ustazah Farhana Munshi graced the event and shared about the story of Sayyidatina Fatimah Az-Zahra RA. 

She stresses that modesty is part of the divine law that we as women have to trust Allah in despite our occasional doubt regarding its application, for Allah is the All-Knower.

The third Sisters’ Circle was entitled, “Yes Ma’am: Women Leadership”, delivered by Ustazah Nazeera Shaik Alwie.

Ustazah Nazeera shared with us the myriad of women during the time of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. who held different leadership positions.

We knew of Syifa Binte Abdullah who advised Umar al-Khattab on political matters during the period of his caliphate, of Aisyah r.a. who was well-known for her fiqh interpretations and who taught the sahabis on matters regarding fiqh, and of Khadijah r.a. who was prominent in the trade industry.

Ustazah Nazeera reminded us most importantly, that we are leaders of our own selves.
And that leading and guarding the nafsu from transgressing its boundaries is of utmost importance.

With that, Ustazah Nazeera reminded us to instil in ourselves Syukr; to not just be grateful but to also be content with what Allah SWT has blessed us with, Sabr; patience in doing what has been ordered and staying away from what has been prohibited, and Husnozhon; to have the best of thoughts towards Allah s.w.t for He ultimately knows what we don’t.

These values serve as a guide for us as we strive to be the best leaders of our own selves, our family, our community and our religion.

Sisters' Circle in Semester 2

The first Sisters’ Circle in Semester 2 was entitled, “Purification”. 

The intentions of this Sisters’ Circle was to help our fellow muslimahs to better understand haid and the different impurities in our body so that we may ensure purification in order for us to complete our ibadah.


We invited Ustazah Nadia Hanim who explained in detail the different impurities that we as muslimah discharge and also how it affects our wudhu’ and prayer. She advised us how to differentiate between these impurities and when exactly do these impurities occur.

She further went on to talk about haid and the different cycles of haid that a women may go through and how it affects our ibadah especially that of fasting and how long we actually have to pay back our fasts.

Finally, there was the Mawlid which gathers our sisters in NUS and helps us to be remember and be closer to
Allah SWT and our Beloved Prophet SAW. We had Azhariyyat, a group of Al-Azhar Alumni, who recited the Mawlid and Qasidah, which provides a good exposure for those who are coming for Mawlid for the first time.

We were fortunate enough to have Ustazah Farhana Munshi, who provided us tips to invoke the feeling of love in our heart for our Beloved Prophet s.a.w. through the 7S-Learning the Sirah to understand Rasulullah’s life.

It was really heartwarming to see our sisters gathering together to spend some time in the midst of their hectic schedules to remember and show love for our biggest role model – our Beloved Prophet SAW.

Sports: Rock Climbing

NUS Nisaa’ collaborated with NUS Climb to organize this 2-hour sports event to provide an avenue for Muslim girls to partake in or try new sports confidently and comfortably in a relatively closed environment.

It also provided the opportunity for muslim girls to interact with their fellow muslimahs and forge new friendships.

Ladies Day collaboration with The Widaad Project

Ladies Day was a collaboration between Nisaa’ and The Widaad Project and this year’s theme was Dare to Dream. It was an event where ladies can learn about healthy living, try new workouts like yoga and pound fitness and
make new friends. 

It was a whole day event, starting with Detox Yoga with
Yoga Dee, followed by inspiring talks by Sis Jinghan, Sis Aqilah and Sis Nura J. Sis Jinghan who is a recent convert to Islam, shared about her journey and experience being a new mother.

Sis Aqilah who founded 1-Habit Nutrition gave fitness advice and shared about her struggles and success going after her dreams. Lastly, Nura J who owns a ladies-only hair salons, shared about the challenges she faced as a business owner.

Enrichment: NISAA' Pack Up!

Conducted by Sister Amalia, one of our NUS Alumni, which is to teach the Muslimahs in NUS on easy and healthy recipe ideas.

Each participant was given a recipe booklet prepared by Amalia, allowing them to have easy reference to the ingredients and steps in making the dish during and after the session.

Cookie Icing Decoration

It was conducted by Sister Lisa and it was meant to be a relaxing and stress-relieving session for the girls, after an arduous submission period and before the start of finals.

The participants got express their creativity by creating various designs using icing and it also makes a perfect gift idea!

The Creative Series Part 1: Colours of the Wind

This event was held to encourage creative expression and learning to take a step back from our daily lives and breathe, as well as a way to organise our lives in the way that best suits us – which might not be the same as others.

During the event, watercolour paints, brushes and paper were provided for our participants to wind down.

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