Our Musollahs

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, please take note of the following:

  • All prayer paraphernalia belonging to NUSMS will be removed starting from 24/03/2020 (Bring your own!)
  • If you have left your personal belongings at our musollah, please remove them by 21/03/2020

Oh, and do take note that some of the musollah are separated to Males and Females respectively! So do ensure you’re in the right one, ya. 🙂

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences


Take the lift near AS3-1 (right).

Musollah is on the Level 6 Staircase landing.

AS4 (Female)

Level 7 Staircase landing.

AS6 (Female)

Level 5 Staircase landing, near the lift.

Central Library (Temporarily Closed)

Located at Level 3. Go down the staircase from the CLB entrance near book drop. Located on the mezzanine.


Level 6 staircase landing.

School of Computing / Engineering


Lift at Level 7, near the Dean’s Office.

E3 (Male)

Level 6 Staircase landing, near the male toilet.

E5 (Female)

Level 4 Staircase landing, near the lift.

COM1 (Male)

Staircase landing, above the Dean’s Office.

Faculty of Science


Near Science Library. Take the lift to Level 6. 


Level 6 Staircase landing.


Take the lift to Level 4. Exit through the right door. Walk past the corridor on the left. Walk past both doors. Located at the Staircase landing.

NUS Medicine


Lift at MD3-1. Located at Level 6 Staircase landing.

MD6 (Female)

Near LT35 entrance. Enter door to stairwell. Located below the stairs.


Take the lift to the top floor of Physiology Department. Located at the Staircase landing.

NUS Business School


Past LT16 and LT17. Located at Hon Sui Sen Library Staircase landing.

Multi-Purpose Sports Hall


Located past the toilets. Below the stairs.

University Town

Food Clique

Enter the stairwell either through the door either beside the lift nearest to Food Clique or through the air-conditioned area of Food Clique (near the sink). 

Yusof Ishak House

Training Room

Located at Level 3 Staircase landing above OSA Training Rooms.

Nearby Mosques

These are nearby mosques where you can do your prayers or find a community there, insyaAllah.

Tentera Di Raja Mosque

81 Clementi Road, Singapore 129797

Darussalam Mosque

3002 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore 129579

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