Mawlid 2016, 1437H: Imprints of the Beloved

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We entered 2016 in the blessed month of Rabiul Awwal. How we begin something always leaves its marks on how we carry out the rest of the journey thereafter. This year, the theme for Mawlid was Imprints of the Beloved. It was a simply beautiful way to represent the aim we set for ourselves and the ummah of the Beloved ﷺ  – to follow the footsteps of the man we all share a deep admiration for, and to increase our love for him . Aware that imprinting ourselves to something or someone takes a great amount of effort, sacrifice and most importantly, inexhaustible amounts of love, the team planned and executed the events for all of us – committee, audience, and anyone we could reach – to be easily and lovingly imprinted to the Beloved, even when our bodies return to dust.

Sunnah Gone Viral

The first activity conducted was a mini-event called Sunnah Gone Viral Live, which took place on a day of a week, for three consecutive weeks. The idea was to promote the act of giving, which was something our Beloved would never once shy away from, even if he had nothing for himself. No one was more generous than him, and no one will ever be, but we emulated him in the best way that we could by giving away assorted sweets, in addition to a special little treat by our generous sponsor. Sponsored bottles of mineral water were also given out bringing much about happiness amongst the recipients.

All Praises to Allah, as we managed to reach out to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, encouraging them to spread the joy of giving (by sharing what they have received). It was a humbling experience, and we learnt that giving was not merely just about objects but even a smile and glad tidings to the people around us could leave the same impact.

Sunnah gone viral 2016

Dining with the Prophet ﷺ

The first talk was a wonderful treat (pun intended) for our guests. Through this event, we hoped to learn and connect with our Beloved, even in the simplest things that we do, such as eating. Ustaz Zahid shared with us the dining etiquettes and several prophetic teachings of eating which the Beloved  displayed while he was in the presence of food and guests. This was followed by a congregational dinner, in which the audience could apply what they had just learnt during the talk into practice.

After the dinner, another segment of the talk was delivered by Ustaz Hafiz, who gave us the opportunity to ponder on our lives. He also emphasised on how we need to continuously improve ourselves. Thus, our first event ended with a well-balanced flow of information (and food), light-hearted and meaningful reflections.

Mercy of the Prophet ﷺ

The following Monday was met with a forum discussing the mercy of the Beloved. He was known as Rahmatan lil ‘alamin – a mercy sent down not just for all of mankind, but for all of Allah’s creations. Through the forum, we learnt what what it means to be merciful. Our speakers Ustazah Fakhrunnissa and Ustaz Hannan covered the spiritual aspect of mercy and its practicality in our lives respectively. One of the main points covered during Ustazah Fakhrunnissa’s talk was how mercy is about selflessness and kindness, for it comes from a place of love, and in order to have mercy, we ought to first, purify our hearts.

This was followed by a talk by Ustaz Hannan, who reminded us that we ought to be inspired by the mercy of the Beloved and his companions, in order to become community gracious public intellectuals. He also shared that mercy is not only founded on feeling and emotion, but on knowledge and understanding towards our community. Before the session was concluded, it was followed by an interesting Q&A session. Indeed, the forum sparked great reflection and thought in the audience as well as the committee members.

Mawlid 2nd Talk

Reflecting Beauty: Mirroring the Prophet ﷺ

Rain greeted our third talk, on the Friday of the second week, and brought with it blessings (barakah). We first began with a sharing of the salutations (selawat) card by Brother Aziz, who guided us through the simple selawats that can easily become our daily practice. Ustaz Anwar then delivered his talk, focusing on patience when faced with difficulties, something which was taught by the Beloved.

He also reminded us that everything happens by the will of Allah swt, and in everything that happens, we must have complete conviction  in Him. In addition, he stressed the importance of setting the right intentions for everything we do in life; it is all, first and foremost, for the sake of Allah swt. All Praises to Allah, the short but powerful talk brought about much needed reminders to all present.

Selawat Cards

Grand Mawlid: Loving the Prophet ﷺ

Held in collaboration with Darussalam Mosque, Grand Mawlid was a day we eagerly awaited, and when it had arrived, we wished it would never end. Our event was blessed with the presence of honoured and respectable asatizahs. The talks delivered by our speakers Ustaz Imran Angullia and Ustaz Nuzhan touched on the infinite amount of love the companions possessed for the Beloved, allowing us to reflect on our own state of love for him.

Grand Mawlid Dinner

Recitations of qasidah and maulid Ad Diba’i were interspersed with those talks, allowing the guests to appreciate the depth of the content covered while reciting qasidah and verses from the Holy Qur’an. We hoped that the freshly-gained knowledge of the historical stories (sirah) of the Beloved could increase our love for him. The event ended with a wonderful congregational dinner. During the concluding congregational dinner, there was intermingling between generations and people from different backgrounds.

Final Photo

Words From the Committee

We would like to share some parting words from the committee members of Mawlid 1437H, with the hopes that the love could reach those who might not have gotten the chance to be on the Mawlid journey!

“Mawlid is an iman booster for me because it brings me closer to Allah SWT and Rasulullah. I have learnt a lot of things about our Beloved Prophet s.a.w. and how important it is for us to always recite selawat . We hope that our guests, for all our events, will feel the same and will increase their love for our Rasulullah”. ”Ask yourself what it means to be in the Mawlid Committee. We all have our reasons. But at the end of it, we come to realise that at the very core, lies our Beloved Prophet. 1437H; we were all predestined to meet each other. Reflect, and realise that it was a calling upon us to illuminate the light of our Beloved in the heart of each soul which has always been waiting to be ignited in a sea of dark. As our journey came to a closure, we yearned for each other’s presence realising how much we took each other for granted, but also realising how blessed we have been to be in a company which helped each other hold the forts of our faith. It got us realising the essence of true company – those who reminds you of our Creator & His Beloved, and those who will ask for you, when they have been saved from the torments of the Hereafter. As we continue to yearn for such presence, the duty has befallen upon us to continue igniting this illumination in the hearts of the only thing our Beloved  cared for. His Ummah.”

“Being a part of the Mawlid journey was truly just a blessing alhamdulillah. I am ever so thankful for the experience but note that the journey has only just begun! It made me feel closer to Allah swt and Rasulullah. To be able to organise such an event is truly rewarding subhanAllah. Never stop the selawat count insya’Allah! (a reminder to myself first and foremost).”

The Mawlid 1437H committee hopes that the series of events has, in some ways, increased our love for the Beloved. It is also hoped that the desire to seek knowledge about the Beloved for the sake of attaining the pleasure of Allah subhana wa ta’ala, would never die out, inshaa Allah.

Do keep your eye on our various social media platforms– where we will still post weekly hadith and updates on external events which strive to bring us closer to the Beloved. Do visit our website, which provides access to information about the Beloved and some of the key highlights of his sirah.

Signing off with love,

Mawlid 1437H Committee



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