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IAS stands for Islam Awareness Series. It is an ad-hoc that seeks to educate and increase awareness of what Islam is to the masses. Booths, dakwah programmes and talks are held to achieve that goal. 

"Every believer embarks on a beloved journey of sharing the beauty of Islam to those around them - IAS provides a platform for students to experience this blessed journey with their friends."

“Ever eager to spread the word of Islam and share good counsel, the IAS team strives to inspire all to join the path towards goodness, in hopes of seeking the ultimate pleasure of Allah SWT.“
Project Director (Islam Awareness Series 2018)

Messages of Peace

In collaboration with Roses of Peace and as an effort to brighten up people’s day, volunteers of different race and religious background distribute passers-by roses with quotes on hardship, kindness, mercy from the Prophet SAW, as well as quotes from other religious figures.

IAS Activity Booth

With several games made to interact with the audience in a funfair-like event, IAS aimed to educate the wider community on Islam.

Wheel of Faith

By a spin of the wheel, participants will attempt to answer the question based on the theme that it stops at. The questions will be regarding different themes in Islam such as prayers and history of Islam. For example, the concept of Jesus (AS) as our prophet but viewed differently by Christians.



Participants will be able to take photos with our exclusive kaleidoscope replica backdrop. They will also be provided with various props.


Participants will be able to purchase a brownie for themselves, and at a discounted price if they buy another for others.


Bare Essentials Sessions

A series of talks that aims to provide the fundamentals for understanding Islam.

Ustaz Mukhtar: The Beginning of the Path

Encourage them to seek continuous knowledge by sparking within them the need and drive to improve themselves gradually, and consistently.

Emphasises on the seeking and acquiring of knowledge, as well as acting upon it. Summarise key importance, benefits & manner of continuous seeking knowledge. Highlights the how-tos in path of seeking

Ustaz Syaaban: The Encompassing Epistle

In-depth and practical introduction to the three grades: Iman (essential beliefs), Islam (practices) and Ihsan (moral rectifications).

Build up their conviction of their own faith to prepare them for everyday da’wah.

Ustaz Iqbal: Seeking the Divine: Are we alone in this?

Ethics and the content of offering good counsel to one another. Focus: Taqwa (active God-consciousness) and connecting taqwa to Adab (good manners).


Friends Beyond Faiths

Friends Beyond Faiths aims to bring people of different beliefs together to forge friendships and share feelings over dinner.

This interfaith session has an apparent purpose of building a strong community, with emphasis on mutual understanding and sharing. Through which we will be engaging in a two-way interaction (mutual sharing) with regards to our faiths which is a form of da’wah.

We have to look at their belief from
their point of perspectives (mutual understanding).

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