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The Freshmen Orientation Camp is a collaboration between NUSMS and PBMUKS. It is to introduce the Muslim freshmen to NUS. In 2017, it was INVICTUS.

"Friends are relatives you make for yourselves," which pretty much tells you why Invictus, or FOC in general, is an important first step in the journey of an undergraduate."

“We tapped on the various experiences of the immensely diverse committee to attempt to deliver a camp suitable for all.“
Project Director (INVICTUS 2017)

Day 1

Day 1 was all about introduction and ice-breakers to allow the participants to get to know one another better.

Participants were also divided into their Orientation Groups and introduced to their Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs).

Furthermore, to introduce them to the musollah locations in NUS, a Musollah trail is one of the main activities of the day. 

Day 2 – Wet Games

Participants played wet games to facilitate bonding within their own Orientation Groups. The use of water is to add the extra ‘fun’ into the games.

Day 2 – Night Games

Games that were made to take advantage of the night were played by the participants. 

Following the theme, they had to obtain ingredients to make Ambrosia.

Participants have to win games to obtain the ingredients from the station masters.

Day 3 – Beach Day

Beach Day took place in Sentosa. Orientation Groups have to travel across the island to complete games held by the station masters.

The Finale was held at Yusof Ishak House Student Lounge and featured acts from NUS Silat, Ilsa Tari and invited singers.

Participants also have to performed their own sketch on their experiences in INVICTUS 2017.

Prizes were also given to the Best Freshie, Best Facilitator and Best Orientation Group.


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