The 54th NUSMS ExCo strives to send across the message of ‘Role Models’ to the community as we believe that one has to have a role model, be it in work, play or life in general. The best role model that we can follow and emulate is that of the Prophet SAW.

Therefore, the events are structured in a way where one can learn from good role models and emulate their actions, insyaAllah.

Welcome Tea

Welcome Tea is the first event each ExCo will carry out. It is a platform for the incoming ExCo to showcase to the community on the Calendar of Events along with the plans that it plans to take for their term.

One of the most important thing in Welcome Tea is the introduction of the adhocs and activities to the Freshmen. This is to make them be aware of the adhocs that are available and also to encourage them to pursue these activities.

Adhoc Induction

The Adhoc Induction is carried out to allow the members of each adhoc to have a better understanding of their own projects. It is to ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities while giving back to society.

Role Model Talk

This talk was conducted by Brother Aydarus Al-Habshi, in collaboration with the GUI Guide to Goodness (G2G).

While the topic was about our ultimate role model – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Brother Aydarus reminded himself and the audience of our many shortcomings in emulating the Prophet (peace be upon him), and instead drew on examples of the companions (may God be pleased with them) and the scholars, and their near-perfect exemplification of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as sources of inspiration for us students.


The 'I' in All Creations

The organizing of this event, centres on the topic of “adab”, or loosely translated as “manners”, and for this event, we have invited Ustaz Zulkifli Isa to conduct the talk. It is a talk catered specifically for the muslim students in NUS to provide them an opportunity to learn about the various aspects of adab and how each and everyone of them can strive towards inculcating adab in their lives to benefit themselves and those around them. 

The talk emphasizes on the Importance of Adab as perfecting one’s interaction with non-Muslims in NUS, a responsibility we are answerable to on the Day of Judgement. Hence, it seeks to help one find their motivation to begin focus on developing one’s Adab. Additionally, it focuses on ways one should begin ‘learning’/’exploring’/’seeking’ Adab.

Soul Food, So Good

Held during one of the most stressful period of a student’s life, Week 12, the ExCo carried out ‘Soul Food, So Good’ to provide a space for the students to come and unwind after a long day of studying. Albeit only a moment of reprieve, it seeks to refocus students and remind them of the important things in life.

Habib Abdullah Al-Muhdhor

NUS Muslim Society invited a respected Yemeni scholar Habib Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al-Medhar to give a talk on the topic “Knowledge For the Betterment of Society”.

The talk aimed to address students who may have difficulty in bridging the gap between their various fields of study and their duties as Muslims in worshipping God. The talk was translated to English by Ustaz Muhammad Mukhtar Habib Mohamed.

Get Charged Up!

The event was separated into two parts. The first, “How to Ramadan 101” is where students learnt some practical forms of worship to adopt during the holy month which are hopefully performed consistently even after Ramadan. This talk was conducted by Ustaz Tamlikhaa and Ustazah Fakhrunisa. Ustaz Tamlikhaa addressed the reading of the Quran and how to maximise it in Ramadan. Ustazah Fakhrunisa on the other hand shared about service and its importance, as well as some ways to serve.

The second part of the event was conducted the following day. A nature walk was held the next morning for participants to unwind, reflect on the beauty of creation and to find motivation to push for their last few weeks of the semester.

Iftar: A Night to Remember

The Iftar is a yearly event organized by NUS Muslim Society in the fasting month of Ramadan. It aims to provide the opportunity for Muslim undergraduates to break their fast together. Apart from breaking fast, participants performed the Maghrib, Isyak and other supererogatory prayers in congregation during the event.

The theme of iftar this year revolves around the idea of ‘Serving’ – to serve others and to empower others to serve as well. Serving others comes from the perspective of the ExCo, where we serve those who attend the iftar session.

On the other hand, the empowerment of others to serve was done through the collaboration of porridge distribution with Al-Mukminin Mosque. This session was open to the public and attended by volunteers from NUS and elsewhere.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

An annual event and usually the last event of the outgoing ExCo, it acts as a summary of the whole course of activities held by the outgoing ExCo throughout their term. 

Invitations are sent to stakeholders, adhocs, sister organizations and other related societies.

Secretariat Reviews are given along with prize presentations for societies and organizations that had assisted the outgoing ExCo.

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