Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School visit to NUS

NUSMS: Beyond Borders


“The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers.” –Al-Hujrat, Verse 10.

The advent of recess week was made even more special, this semester. NUSMS was humbled that we were given the chance to host a delegate of 90 students and teachers from Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School, Indonesia (

This was the first time we hosted almost three buses of guests; and it was a short yet sweet engagement session with them. To start the session, NUSMS greeted them with a recitation of Al-Hujrat, Verses 10-12, which revolves around brotherhood and love as well as doing good between the believers, in line with the hope that we could forge new ties with our fellow believers from another land.


We then presented to our guests a little get-to-know bite-sized information about NUS Muslim Society, our history, our events and a little video encapsulating our past activities. We hope they were as entertained as we were when we prepared the presentation for them.

To add to the value of the event, we managed to rope in our friends from the Office of Admissions to give the Pre-University students information of how to go about applying into NUS as an undergraduate and the criteria they have to work towards as they sit for their national examinations next year. It was nice seeing them keen to know how NUSMS operates and some who were also keen to find out how they can apply to do their undergraduate studies in NUS.


Before they left for their shopping spree at Singapore Town, they were treated to a tour around our very own University Town. We’ve heard good news that they are safe back home. May our paths cross again inshaaAllah!



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