Our Adhocs

Want to do something interesting with your time here in NUS? Why not join one of our adhocs and find people who enjoy the same things that you do!

Heart for the Prophet.

PBUH is an adhoc to do anything focusing on solely the Prophet Muhammad SAW from talks commemorating his efforts as our Prophet to the Grand Maulid.

Bringing Awareness.

Islam Awareness Series serves to bring about awareness of the Islamic practices and beliefs to the wider community.

Sports for you?

The Prophet SAW encouraged us to live actively. Shall we?

The Youths of Our Time.

This adhoc assists the youths-at-risk to get back on their feet by forming programmes that are fun, engaging and teach them values that are important in the society.

The Golden Years.

Project Link is an adhoc which targets the elders in our community. By either helping them with their daily tasks or showing our appreciation for them, this adhoc aims to bring a smile on their face. 

Going Beyond.

Going beyond the local community and assist communities in other parts of the world is the goal of our OCIP adhoc.

Welcoming Freshmen.

An adhoc that aims to introduce the incoming Freshmen to NUS along with its musollahs, systems and ways about getting around.

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