52nd Executive Committee

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c/o NUSSU Secretariat
#05-02 Yusof Ishak House, 31 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119078

52nd Executive Committee

Academic Year 2015/2016

52nd Exco


General Secretary

52nd Gen Sec

From left:

Liyana Binte Sulaiman – Assistant Honorary Secretary [asecretary@nusms.org.sg]

Muhammad Idaffi Othman – President [president@nusms.org.sg ]

Nur Afifah Agus – Honorary Secretary [secretary@nusms.org.sg]


Treasury Secretariat

52nd Treasury

From left:

Nur Shafiqah Binte Muhamad Nezam – Honorary Treasurer [treasurer@nusms.org.sg]

Muhammad Bin Abdullah Bin Diab – Assistant Honorary Treasurer [atreasurer@nusms.org.sg]


Public Relations and Marketing Secretariat


From left:

Ahmad Khairi Bin Hosni – Public Relations and Marketing Executive [apr.marketing@nusms.org.sg]

Siti Bazilah Binte Abdul Rahman – Head of Public Relations and Marketing [pr.marketing@nusms.org.sg]


Resource and Welfare Secretariat

52nd RnW

From left:

Insyirah Binte Imran – Resource and Welfare Executive [aresource@nusms.org.sg]

Siti Aisyah Binte Aziz Rahman – Head of Resource and Welfare [resource@nusms.org.sg]

Muhammad Saifullah Bin Jumari – Resource and Welfare Executive [aresource@nusms.org.sg]


Human Enrichment Secretariat

52nd HE

From left:

Muhammad Syazwi Bin Mohammad Zain – Human Enrichment Executive [enrich@nusms.org.sg]

Nur Ramizah Binte Amzah – Vice-President (Human Enrichment) [vpenrich@nusms.org.sg]

Aquila Deanna Binte Zulkifli – Human Enrichment Executive [enrich@nusms.org.sg]

Aeeshah Binte Mahmoud Abdullah Ng – Human Enrichment Executive [enrich@nusms.org.sg]


Outreach Secretariat

52nd Outreach

From left:

Raqibah Binte Abdul Razak – Outreach Executive [outreach@nusms.org.sg]

Nur Aisyah Binte Mohamed Yusri – Outreach Executive [outreach@nusms.org.sg]

Ahmad Husaini Bin Hosni – Vice-President (Outreach) [vpoutreach@nusms.org.sg]

Nur Hidayah Bibi Binti Haji Mohamed Omar – Outreach Executive [outreach@nusms.org.sg]

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