About Us

We’re a group of passionate individuals keen in serving the Muslim community in NUS.


The development of academic innovators and devoted Muslim individuals, responsible for the establishment of a just and prosperous society, blessed by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.


Towards a God­-conscious society.


To promote good and to forbid evil.


Uphold and promote the interests of Islam in NUS.

Encourage Muslims to seek beneficial knowledge pertaining to Islam.

Promote and preserve unity amongst all Muslims, regardless of race, nationality, language, social status, and jurisprudential
school of thought.

Encourage members to be of service to all creation.

The 55th NUSMS Executive Committee

General Secretariat

Muhammad Adil


Nurul Diyana


Nur Syaza'Iwani

Assistant Secretary

Human Enrichment

Nasrul Hadi

Vice-President (Human enrichment)

Wan Hazimah

human enrichment executive member

Syazwan Shaha

human enrichment executive member

Yusrina Jaikubali

human enrichment executive member


Nuha Amani

Vice-President (Outreach)

Alif Sutrisno

Outreach executive member

Darren Mak

Outreach executive member


Outreach executive member

Public Relations & Marketing

Nadiah Ismail

Head PR&M

Muhammad Fahmi

PR&M Executive member

Nadiah Zamree

PR&M Executive member

Resource & Welfare

Nur Syazana

Head (Resource & Welfare)

Nur Atikah

R&W executive member

Nadiah Shah

R&W executive member


R&W executive member


Siti Nuraisyah

Honorary Treasurer

Noralifah Ilayana

Assistant Honorary Treasurer

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