UTown (beside Foodclique)

Make you way to Foodclique’s aircon area. Enter the door leading to the stairwell beside the sink.

Walk up the stairs to reach the musollah.

Yusof Ishak House, YIH


From the Yusof Ishak House Open Plaza (1), take the stairs leading to the stairwell (2, 3).

Climb all the way to the 3rd storey to reach the musollah.

Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1, MPSH1


From the University Health Centre (1), walk along the pathway (2, 3, 4) until you reach the Multi-Purpose Sports Hall (5).

Find the entrance of MPSH1 (6) and turn left.

Walk straight past the cupboards (7) all the way to the end to reach the musollah (8).

University Hall^


From the outside of University Hall (1), enter the Lee Kong Chian wing on the left (2).

Once inside the building (3), walk straight from the entrance and find the exit (4).

Walk all the way in past the door (5) until you reach the musollah (6).

^This musollah with is not under the purview of NUSMS