Walk past NUH Kopitiam and cross the zebra crossing. Walk towards the MD6 building (1).

Climb up the stairs (2) and walk past the Board of Notable Alumni (3).

Enter via the glass door on the left (4) and enter via the door into the stairwell (5).

The musollah is located underneath the stairs (6).

MD9 [*Note: Place is currently affected by construction]


From the entrance of MD9, the Physiology block (1), walk straight, via the corridor (2).

Once past the corridor, take the lift (3) on the right. Take the lift to the uppermost storey.

Exit the lift and turn right to find a staircase (4). The musollah is located up the stairs (5).



From the S5 building (1), head towards the lifts (2).

Take the lift to the 6th storey(3). Exit the lift and find a door leading to the stairwell on the left (4).

The musollah is located up the stairs.



From the Science Canteen, outside Platypus (1), walk towards the open area in front of the entrance of the S16 building (2).

Walk past the Board of Awards (3) and turn left at the road. Walk straight and enter the corridor on the right (4).

Walk via the corridor towards the lift (5) and go to the 6th storey. Turn right into the stairwell.

The musollah is found at the top of the stairwell (6).



From the Science bus stop in front of S17, walk towards the S17 sign (1) and enter through the main entrance (2).

Walk straight and head for the exit (3) leading to the lift lobby. Take the lift (4) to the 4th storey.

Exit the lift and walk past the door on the right. Turn towards a corridor (5) on the left.

Walk straight all the way straight past two consecutive doors. The musollah is located up the stairs (6).