Assalamua’laikum all (:

Alhamdulillah, our very first event organized by the 52nd Executive Committee has been completed. Our welcome tea was held on 28 August 2015 with the intention to welcome students, especially freshmen, to our society and introduce our Calendar of Events for AY15/16.

Alhamdulillah, we had great turnout and tremendous support from both freshmen and seniors alike.


Welcome Tea 1

Welcome Tea 2


This event serves as a platform not only to introduce the freshmen to the society, but also for friends to get together and know more about what we are as a society and what we have to offer. The casual setting allowed seniors to interact together with the juniors as experiences were exchanged and information relayed.

We were also privileged to have Mr Mohamed Hafiz Othman share with us his personal experience being in NUSMS and how the society has impacted him. Our audience sure benefited from the short sharing session!


Welcome Tea 3


Following that, guests were invited to have a delicious meal. Thereafter, the main content of the event was delivered – our Calendar of Events. We have a wide range and variety of events lined up specially for the Muslim community in NUS. These events range from MUS1101E – a series of talks catered to address the challenges and responsibilities of a Muslim undergraduate- to Freshmen Orientation Camp 2016. More information regarding our events can be found via this link.

These events are slated to take place from Week 5 of Semester 1 all the way to the summer break, so you can be sure not to have a dull academic year ahead.


Welcome Tea 4


Finally, we would like to thank our seniors for guiding us and helping us out during the event and more importantly, YOU for coming down to support us for welcome tea. All the good is from Allah, and all the bad is from us. We truly apologize for any hiccups during the event. May Allah bless you and protect our community, and we look forward to seeing you during our future events Insya-Allah (: