NUS, being Asia’s leading university, hosts about 2000 exchange students every year. A typical day for an NUS student would include interacting with people all over the world, hearing languages of many kinds and creating friendships that know no borders.

NUS Muslim Society (NUSMS) is no different. We are an inclusive society that hopes to unite Muslim students from all over the world, regardless of nationalities, creeds and ethnicities. Over the past year, we have seen some outstanding contributors of the Muslim Society that comes from outside Singapore.

This year, NUSMS partook in the NUS International Exchangers Welcome Party. During this simple affair, we managed to connect to Muslims that look different from us from the outside but share the same beliefs and principles inside, and shared with them the events we have in store. We talked to many non-Muslims as well, to share with them some responses to common misconceptions of Islam, and invited them to our events for them to learn more about us.



Held on the first day of the academic year (11th August) at UTown, it seems apt that we start the year with beautiful interactions like those. We even managed to give out free dates; a fruit that is loved by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So glad to know that many of these exchangers loved them too!

The night was filled with a little tinge of nostalgia as we recollect moments we once shared with exchange students of the past – the dinner sessions, the mosque-hops and the classes we dread to attend. One of our past exchange students, Ms Sharfah Mohamed (Bachelor of Law with Bachelor of Psychology, Australia), summarised her stay in NUS as follows:

“Truly thankful to have joined NUSMS during my semester in Singapore. NUSMS gave me the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of engaging and innovative Islamic events. It introduced me to many welcoming, kind-hearted and inspiring souls. Whenever I needed time-out from study to recharge my Iman and be in the company of sincere young Muslims striving to please Allah, an NUSMS event notification would pop up on my Facebook newsfeed Alhamdulillah. I have nothing but good things to say about NUSMS and would recommend all Muslim exchangers to join this society and enjoy the ride! I pray your experience leaves you with fond memories and lifelong friends.”

What beautiful words, Sharfah. Amin to all your do’as!