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Assalamua’laikum warahmatullahita’la wabarakatuh everyone!


Student Life Fair 2015 was an event held from 13 to 15 August 2015 with the primary aim of introducing NUS students to the vibrant extra-curricular student life available outside the usual academic curriculum in the university. The fair was teeming with activity as freshmen and students across various faculties in the university learned how they could enrich their student lives. NUS Muslim Society (NUSMS) was also invited to be present during this lively event as one of the participating societies.


Insyi with booth


NUSMS’ booth showcased the various events which we have organized over the past academic year, which range from our annual Welcome Tea to the Islamic Awareness Series (IAS) and the Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC). We also gave away freebies including magazines, notebooks and dates to visitors.

In particular, the fair held from 13 to 14 August mainly targeted the students, specifically freshmen and NUS students who are new to NUSMS, to introduce them to our society and the events we have organized in the past year. It was also an opportune time for us to invite them to our upcoming Welcome Tea. At the Welcome Tea, we hope to rope in members of the Society to contribute and give back to the Society through the various ad-hoc committees and initiatives that we will implement in the Academic Year 2015/2016.

On the other hand, the fair held on 15 August mainly targeted our NUS alumni and their families. The interactions we had with the alumni updated them about the student activities within NUSMS and instilled a sense of pride and belonging to the university. Once an NUSMS member, always an NUSMS member!

Finally, we would like to end off by giving multitudes of praise and thanks to Allah s.w.t. for making the event run smoothly, thanking NUS Students’ Union for organizing the event well and everyone who have visited our booth to show support for NUS Muslim Society.