Eidpreciates 2

Assalamualaikum wr wb


Held on 11 August 2015 (Welcome back to school!), Eidpreciates marks the final event by the 51st ExCo term for our MS community. This time round, the two annual MS celebrations of Eidul-Fitri and Appreciates were combined to form Eidpreciates! Eidpreciates is a dinner gathering to reflect upon the goodness of Syawal as well as to appreciate the contributions of our members during AY 14/15.

Eidpreciates 1

Upon entering, guests received a door gift containing an appreciative bookmark and two cards. While having their dinner, they were encouraged to write and share about their appreciation of Syawal on one card. The Quran recitation of Ali-Imran, Verses 102-110 done beautifully by Brother Syazwi was followed by two rounds of congregational Maghrib prayers.

Afterwards, the emcees led the guests in a Ketupat weaving competition, where participants walked away with prizes from Project Khat.

The Appreciates segment saw the appreciation of the committees of the six AY14/15 ad hoc events:

  • 23 Hours Journey of Love (MawlidurRasul 2015)
  • Unveiling Beauty, Unravelling Islam (Islam Awareness Series 2015)
  • Reawakening Ihsan.Islah (Night Cycling 2015)
  • Project PuLSe (Youth Expedition Project 2015)
  • Valour: Heroes of Future Past (Community Outreach Project 2015)
  • NUminouS 2015 (Freshmen Orientation Camp 2015)

These committees (with strengths ranging from 16 to 30 people) deserve much recognition for their passion and dedication in manifesting the six events, all of which, in one way or another serve to enjoin one another towards goodness.

Our event also made mention of the multitude of sponsors and partner organizations that we were fortunate enough to engage with. Tokens of appreciation were also given out to two partners in particular, PBMUKS, and our staff advisors from NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

Lastly, Eidpreciates sought to recognize the contributions of selected individuals. These students were nominated by their peers to either have shown consistent background support as volunteers, or have been dedicated in joining multiple event committees across their year/s of study, or have pioneered initiatives to enrich our Muslim community on campus. Jazaak Allahu khayran. May they inspire the rest of us to continue giving back to the community.

Now that everyone was deep in the mood of appreciation, the emcees encouraged all guests to write an appreciative message on the second card from their door gift, for each other. This part of the night was the most poignant as the 52nd ExCo, as well as audience members, also came up to share about whom amongst their peers they most value and treasure.

In a narration by Abu Hurairah, The Prophet (ﷺ) said: He who does not thank the people is not thankful to Allah. [Abu Dawud]

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah swt for Eidpreciates’ success. All that is good comes from Him and we apologize for any shortcomings which are our own. Thank you to all our friends and guests for coming down to be part of this wonderful celebration. We hope it has inspired you to take a step back and be fully thankful for those around you, and for all the goodness Allah swt grants us in life.