Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim. Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone!


For the past few months, Project PuLSe; People of Little Stone have been hard at work preparing for our expedition trip that took place in Guizhou, China from the 1st to 15th June 2015. Project PuLSE is a Youth Expedition Project (YEP) under NUS Muslim Society.

Project PuLSe partnered up with Ningxia-Xiji Welfare Charity Center, a Muslim non-governmental organization which aims to provide as many educational opportunities as possible for the needy children and orphans in the rural areas of China. Keeping in line with our main partner organization’s mission, Project PuLSe chose to focus the project on three main areas: Education, Refurbishment, and Healthcare.


The project itself was actualised in Yang Tzai Village and Little Stone Bridge Village, two small villages located in the rural area of Guizhou. The activities planned were based on the three main areas of focus mentioned above.


Ningxia-Xiji Welfare Charity Center has set up a local kindergarten, Al Fatah Preschool in Yang Tzai Village which is attended by the village children of ages 4 to 6 years old. As the current curriculum in the school heavily focuses on skills such as reading and writing, the team wanted to introduce a more holistic learning environment where the preschoolers’ creativity and fine motor skills can be nurtured. Thus, an arts and crafts programme was conducted. Some of the activities in the programme were leaf shading, using paper plates to make butterflies and little people, and drawing a family portrait. The team also got the preschoolers to draw their future aspirations on post-it notes which were sponsored by 3M.

Not only that, as it is an Islamic preschool, the team taught the preschoolers several duas that would hopefully add meaning and purpose to their daily rituals and provide them with a better understanding of their faith.

The team concluded our programme at Al Fatah Preschool with a games carnival for the preschoolers. The preschoolers tried their hands on games such as bowling, cup stacking, and jigsaw puzzles. We also prepared a simple goodie bag for every student as a treat for them.

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Over at Little Stone Bridge Village, the team helped with the refurbishing of Al Falah Preschool, which is still in the midst of construction. We painted a section of a wall that surrounds the preschool and also set up the basic equipment needed for a reading corner in each classroom of the school.

Prior to the expedition trip, Project PuLSe did a similar mural painting activity for Pertapis Children’s Home as part of our local projects. The experience gained helped us to better plan for the same activity at Al Falah Preschool.


During our stay at Little Stone Bridge Village, we also carried out a Health Mapping Exercise (HME) for the locals. We conducted a basic health screening exercise which comprised of calculating one’s BMI through the measurement of height and weight and checking of blood pressure.

The HME is inspired by a local project done in collaboration with Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) prior to the expedition trip too. The team and several SHF volunteers went from door-to-door to provide basic health screening services for the underprivileged residents at a housing estate in Bukit Merah.

Fringe Activities

Aside from the activities mentioned above, Project PuLSe also performed for a Children’s Day concert cum cultural exchange session. The team was split into two groups, in which one group sang and danced to Chan Mali Chan while the other group showcased the traditional zapin dance. We also wore the traditional Malay costumes to further showcase the Malay culture.

All in all, the members of Project PuLSe thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a meaningful time in China. The team is now focusing our efforts on the post-trip local projects, which is the final phase of our YEP journey. May Allah SWT ease our affairs especially during this blessed month of Ramadhan.



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The Project PuLSe Committee