Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim.

Alhamdulillahirabbil alamin.

Allahumma solli ala’ saiyidina Muhammad wa ala’ alihi saiyidina wa maulana Muhammad.


Reawakening: Ihsan & Islah 2015


7thof March 2015, or, 16 Jumaada al-awal 1436 A.H., saw the fruition of Reawakening: Ihsan & Islah 2015, a night cycling event organised by NUS Muslim Society aimed towards Muslim youths in Singapore. Reawakening: Ihsan & Islah 2015, or simply, Ihsan.Islah.15, offered a fun and adventurous night cycling programme for participants, both avid and casual cyclists alike, bringing together youths from different ages and backgrounds together. Ihsan.Ialsh.15 also explores the history of the Islam in Spain between the early 700s and late 1400s, otherwise known as the Golden Age of Islam.

Reawakening, or to become aware of a situation again, is one takeaway participants took home from the event. Ihsan refers to the pursuit of perfection, or excellence, while Islah refers to the act of improvement, or to put something in a better position. The theme for this event would therefore be centered on the history of Islam in Spain between the early 700s and the late 1400s, known as the Golden Age of Islam. Participants would draw lessons from a time of Islamic greatness, of which includes Ihsan and Islah, and apply them in their everyday lives to strive to become better Muslims not just in this world, but in the hereafter. Read on to find out more about the happenings at Ihsan.Islah.15!

Before we set off

To kick off Ihsan.Islah.15, participants gathered at LT6 at the NUS Faculty of Engineering for a briefing session and a talk by Ustaz Khadier Rohani. T-shirts, along with a racepack, were issued to participants upon registration and participants were introduced to their groups, with whom they would spend their night cycling and completing activities with.



A safety briefing given by our safety officer, Sufi, saw the faces of participants light up as some of them were called down to demonstrate the dos and don’ts when cycling on the road.



The participants were released in waves to cycle the route, with a total of 10 waves of 20 participants each released at a 15 minute interval. While waiting for their wave to be released, participants and their facilitators would play ice breaker games around the lecture theatre or watch videos about the history of Islam in the theatre. Once it was their turn to be released, participants headed to the Central Forum across the road, where they would receive their bikes, warm-up with their wave and set of for their journey of Reawakening!




The route

Ihsan.Islah.15 started its journey at the National University of Singapore’s Central Forum and ended at Kampong Siglap Mosque at East Coast. The total distance covered at least 30km and visited iconic spots such as Henderson Waves, the CBD, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. The route was chosen for its distance and its elevation. Its long distance and uphill, especially those along Alexander Road and Depot Road towards Henderson Waves, pushed participants to their physical limits and made them realise of what their bodies are capable of physically. The route also served as a mental challenge where participants had to go against their minds to stay awake and pull through the entire route.

The activities

Along the route to Kampong Siglap Mosque, participants had to complete activities relating to the history of Spain, with the ultimate tie-in with Ihsan and Islah. The activities, Jabal ul-Tariq, Lights of Crodoba and Balls of Granada were played at Telok Blangah Hill Park, Helix Bridge and East Coast respectively. Jabal ul-Tariq, or Mountain of Tariq, served as a recreation of the historic battle on the Mountain of Tariq, where the Moors were greatly outnumbered. Participants, after traversing the steep hill up Telok Blangah Hill Park and Henderson Waves, had to uncover a maze and pitch a balloon war against each other. Lights of Cordoba, played under the Helix Bridge, a dimly lit area surrounded by the lights of MBS and the CBD. Participants had to keep their candle flame, a representation of their Iman, alive for as long as they can while distractions, the facilitators and game masters, would try to extinguish their flame. Through this, participants learnt that to keep their Iman strong, they have to be brave and strong enough to resist any temptation and distraction to keep them away from their Iman, relating to the pursuit of perfection through constant improvement, Ihsan and Islah in a nutshell.

The third and final activity, Balls of Granada, served as a test for participants to pass a ball a given number of times in the fastest way possible. Once participants have clocked a timing, they would be pushed to shorten the time taken to the extent where it would only take one second to pass the ball. While it may seem impossible, participants actually managed to complete the challenge, teaching participants that through constantly improving oneself, they would be able to achieve whatever they wish perfectly, Ihsan and Islah, again being brought up.

Fringe activities

Besides going through the route and completing the three main activities, there were also fringe activities such as the Instagram post competition, safest group competition and the most impressive group, for participants to take part with their groups and with prizes. This allowed participants to have snippets of side events and not be too heavily concentrated on the main event. Competition was tough as each group posted amazing group pictures, albeit funny, and deciding on the winning groups were tough. However, decisions were made by the committee and prizes were awarded at the end of the Ihsan.Islah.15 at Kampong Siglap Mosque.

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Signing off, the Reawakening: Ihsan& Islah 2015 committee!