Mawlid Talk 2: Prophet Muhammad SAW, The Timeless Exemplar


Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to gather on another Thursday, 24th January 2014, for the second talk entitled ‘Prophet Muhammad SAW, The Timeless Exemplar’ led by the respected Ustaz Iqbal Abdullah. The event opened with the recitation of selawat by Brother Abdurrahiem.

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Ustaz Iqbal then proceeded with his lecture, touching firstly on the significance of the mawlid and issues of its permissibility. He then went on to the main topic of the night – the relevance of understanding and embodying Prophet Muhammad SAW’s characters and teachings that can be implemented in our daily lives today. Ustaz Iqbal gave many striking reminders, such as understanding the principles behind the sunnahs as well as not expecting miracles in the midst of facing challenges in our lives. We should embrace the fluctuations in life and always remember that Allah is always there to aid us. His talk touched us all, constantly giving us tips throughout which we shall try to remember and inculcate, in shaa Allah.

m6 m7 m8 m9We then closed the event with the recitation of the last chapter of the burdah by Brother Haikal Aziz. Thank you to everyone who attended our talks. We hope you have benefited from them and may Allah grant you the best in dunya and akhirah, Amin.

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