Mawlid Talk 1: Knowing Our Prophet (SAW) and Deepening Our Love for Him (SAW)


Alhamdulillah for the new year! May we be blessed with good health and stronger iman, in shaa Allah. With the beginning of a new semester also came the blessed month of Rabiulawal 1435H. It was an opportune time for us to celebrate the birth of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, to learn more and evince our love for him in our daily lives. Our 3-part series, themed ‘Knowing The Beloved, (Peace Be Upon Him)’ aimed to firstly deepen the knowledge of our Prophet Muhammad SAW and subsequently forge a greater love for him (SAW).

m1After food and Maghrib prayers on Thursday, 16th January 2014, we kicked off our first event with the recitation of selawat by our own Brother Haikal Aziz. Following that, we handed the time over to the esteemed Ustaz Anwar Hussain for his talk entitled ‘Knowing Our Prophet SAW & Developing Our Love for Him’. He enlightened us with his tazkirah, touching on anecdotes of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s life and the importance of exhibiting our gratitude for him. Among the many inspiring things that Ustaz Anwar Hussain highlighted was that Rasulullah SAW is a door to Allah SWT – we cannot reach Him without exemplifying His Messenger SAW.

m2m3We then closed the majlis with the qasidah “Ya Rabbibil Mustafa” – led by Brother Haikal, which in itself, contains du’a for ourselves as well as selawat upon our Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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