Mawlid Final Event: Poem Of The Mantle | A Manifestation Of Love


The mawlid three-part series culminated in a blessed gathering at the Tentera Diraja Mosque. The event was held after Friday prayers on 31st January 2014 and consisted of the recitation of the Qaseedah Al Burdah as well as talks by two esteemed ustaz – Ustaz Zahid and Ustaz Nuzhan. The audience were given goodie bags which comprised several items such as siwak and minyak attar, amongst other several things. These sponsored items were specially chosen as they played a significant role in the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. Our intention was for the audiences to not only bring back knowledge gained from the talks but to also continue in their pursuit of performing sunnahs by providing them with such items.


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The programme officially started at 2.15pm. Brother Abdul Aziz, the emcee, reiterated the importance of purifying and aligning our intentions in attending blessed events such as this mawlid. It served as a good reminder, not only for the audience, but also for the committee because every ibadah will be rewarded according to our intentions.

For the opening talk, Ustaz Zahid touched on the barriers of language in conveying the multi-layered meanings behind a phrase. This in turn highlights the beauty of the Arabic language in portraying and encapsulating the deep love that is reserved for our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. In trying to translate those lines into Malay and English, it is inevitable that some of the meaning is lost because language in itself is an insufficient medium to reflect the great love that Imam Al-Busiri had for Prophet Muhammad SAW. He also elaborated on the origins of the Qaseedah Al Burdah and the miracle dream that cured Imam Al-Busiri from his illness. This not only portrayed the Greatness and mercy of Allah SWT but it also strengthens our faith as we realise that those who loves Prophet Muhammad SAW, would definitely taste the sweetness of his love in return.


Subsequently, the audience were introduced to the various ways of reciting, and thus appreciating, the Burdah. The recitation was led by Ustaz Zahid, Ustaz Nuzhan, Brother Asyraf Hasni and Brother Abdul Fattah. In an hour long timeframe, they managed to cover the whole ten chapters of the Burdah. It was definitely an enriching and satisfying experience to be exposed to different tunes of recital. The accompaniment of music from Ukhuwwah Tentera also livened up the atmosphere.

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In the strive to emulate the prophet’s behavior and actions, the audience were given a siwak each. In his talk, Ustaz Nuzhan taught them the proper ways of utilising it as well as the baraqah behind the siwak. It may seem like a small step but we hope that this may pave the way for the audience to follow the prophet’s footsteps in other ways.

Following that, melodious qaseedah were recited by Ukhuwwah Tentera, a qaseedah group from Tentera Diraja Mosque itself. To end off the event in a blessed manner, a concluding du’a was then made by Ustaz Muslim.

m15 m16 m17The event ended with Asar prayers followed by a briyani feast in the mosque.  It was definitely heartening to see the audience gather together and eat from the same “dulang” as it fostered new friendships and bonds, or silaturrahim, between them.

Last but not least, the committee would like to express our deepest gratitude for the support shown by all parties involved. Jazakumullah khairan!

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