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Alhamdulilah, all praises to Allah s.w.t. for allowing Kids Central 2.0: Dreamswork to be planned and executed brilliantly by its dedicated committee members. The fun and educational day camp was in many ways, an enriching experience for its participants, facilitators and organisers and would serve to inspire us further.  InsyaAllah.

Kids Central 2.0 is a community outreach event which aims to inspire young children with troubled backgrounds.  Centered on the theme ‘Dreamswork’, our concept revolves around instilling positive and Islamic values in their daily lives through fun and games that will propel them to achieve their dreams. The project was a successful collaboration between NUSMS and West Coast Student Service Centre (WESSC). Throughout the day camp, the kids from WESSC were engaged in exciting station games and meaningful activities that built friendships and provided useful takeaways.

On the morning of 28th December 2013, the Kids Central family welcomed our participants, the kids from WESSC. Our adorable young boys and girls were shy at first, but after interaction with their facilitators and some super fun icebreaker games, everyone was enlivened and kicking!

11The kids also received goodie bags and lanyards specially prepared for them with love from the members of the Kids Central 2.0 Committee. Each goodie bag includes stationery, snacks and drinks that day they can pick up to use throughout the day.

Our committee members preparing to distribute specially-made lanyards to the kids
Our committee members preparing to distribute specially-made lanyards to the kids
Goodie bags on standby for distribution!
Goodie bags on standby for distribution!

After getting to know one another better, we proceeded to station games! There were five station games in total, each designed to educate the children on a specific moral value. Through joy, solidarity and brief reflections after each game, the kids learnt the meaning and importance of Courage, Integrity, Teamwork, Faith and Perseverance in following their goals.

14 15

Be courageous and capture those flags, kids!


Our Roleplay section allows everyone to demonstrate their understanding of the values they have learnt


To keep everyone’s spirits and energy level up, we had lunch, Zuhur and Asar breaks in between games. Following the Asar prayers, we held a sharing session of our dreams. Armed with markers and mahjong paper, the kids presented their thoughts and ideas with regards to their dreams and the values they had learnt together.

Pretty and creative mindmaps which embodied young dreams left everyone feeling inspired!
Pretty and creative mindmaps which embodied young dreams left everyone feeling inspired!

Finally, to conclude the event, the Kids Central 2.0 Committee performed a skit to summarise what the kids learnt during the day. Prizes were also given out by our Kids Central advisors to all groups since they exhibited such strong motivation to learn and demonstrated great cooperation amongst teammates.

Hilarious! The skit drew plenty of laughter from the audience.


On hindsight, Kids Central 2.0 was not just a one-day and one-off experience. Rather, it is a journey of planning and execution that began months before the event day. In the early stages, most of us in the organizing committee hardly knew much about one another. However, as we overcame small hiccups and celebrated little victories together, we became family. The bonds we forged are priceless takeaways that last beyond the Kids Central experience.   It was truly a blessing from Allah s.w.t and we could not be any more grateful to Him.

On the whole, the Kids Central 2.0 Committee is happy that our objectives for the event are met. Alhamdulilah, the event proceeded very smoothly and most of us enjoyed it thoroughly.  To us, the committee members, the experience was unforgettable. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our advisors who guided us and to our dedicated volunteers and facilitators who were indispensable in executing the event.  A very big thank you also goes to our participants from WESSC and partners from Persatuan Bahasa Melayu University Kebangsaan Singapura (PBMUKS), for making the event possible.

May God continue to bless us in future events and projects.


NUSMS Kids Central 2.0 Committee 2013

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