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This October, a group of Muslimah undergraduates from different faculties came together to organise a night specially dedicated to the Muslimah community in NUS.

After much deliberation and discussion, the committee agreed on these main objectives:

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Muslimah Night 2013 kicked off at 4:30pm as sisters streamed into the Education Resource Centre in University Town, with excited smiles and greetings of peace wished upon the familiar and new faces. Upon entry, each Muslimah was presented with a goody bag containing various sponsored items, including a siwak, a book entitled ‘The Splendours of Islam’ courtesy of Darul Arqam, a brooch from Ayu Apparels, a printed hijab by Gum Studio, a voucher from Sitrah, cupcakes from Baking Alley and other goodies.


An hour later, our guest speaker for the night, Ustazah Su’aidah Salim began the long awaited talk, titled ‘The Soul Status of Women in Islam’. Ustazah Su’aidah enlightened sisters regarding our elevated status in society upon the dawn of Islam. Before Islam, women were treated poorly, while others were buried at birth due to the perception that women were a source of shame to families. However, Islam changed these practices. Jannah is now at the feet of mothers, with their ranking rising to third place, after Allah s.w.t and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Women who pray five times a day, fast during Ramadhan, give zakat, guard their private parts and obey their husbands can choose which gate of paradise they wish to enter. These clearly indicate Islam’s celebration of the believing women.


After the hour-long inspiring talk on the status of women in Islam, sisters broke into small groups for dinner. Dinner was specially served on large plates, with each group sharing the food served. As Ustazah Su’aidah mentioned during her talk, the barakah is increased when people share their food from a single plate. During dinner, Ustazah managed to slip in a note, enlightening a group of us that the adab of eating is to speak courteously instead of keeping silent, as it is what differentiates human beings from animals.

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Participants of the night were blessed to have Ustazah Su’aidah Salim lead the Maghrib Prayers that night, as they bowed and prostrated in union. Following prayers, sisters sat in a large circle for a Heart-to-Heart session. Ustazah Su’aidah opened the discussion of love, by asking each sister to share what her greatest WANT in life is. Various answers were contributed, from wanting peace and happiness to pleasing her parents and emulating the character of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Nonetheless, Ustazah Su’aidah shared with everyone that our greatest want in life should be Allah s.w.t. She also shared with sisters the various steps to embark on before getting married. These include wanting Allah, seeking knowledge, loving and emulating the Prophet s.a.w and choosing a man with good character. Sisters thanked Ustazah Su’aidah Salim for her time and for sharing her wealth of knowledge with them. A humble hamper and certificate of appreciation had been presented to Ustazah and her little princess following a group photo.

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The last section of the night was light-hearted and aimed to encourage sisters to bond with one another or forge new ties. An Islamic version of the game ‘Taboo’ was played in groups, leading to laughter as sisters tackled on the challenge of describing various words to their group mates. While everyone had a good time, the top three groups were awarded with tokens for their excellent effort. The beautiful night came to an end with sisters crowding around the photo booth, which had been prepared at a corner of the room. The ladies posed with their sisters in Islam, complete with signs such as ‘I cover my hair, not my brain!’, ‘I was here!’ and ‘MN2013’. With their enforced knowledge of their status in Islam, polaroids and goodie bags in one hand and the other hand stretched out to offer hugs, words of peace and goodbyes, Muslimah Night 2013 came to a close.

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With praises to Allah swt, we thank all sisters who have made the event a successful one. Let us make concerted efforts to strengthen our bonds by giving one another warm salaams and hugs when we see each other around campus! 😀

For more photos of the memorable night, click here!

Write up by:
Syahirah Mohd Noh
NUS Muslimah Night Committe 2013

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