Assalamualaikum friends!

The Undergraduate Dialogue series is a new programme initiated by the 49th Executive Committee to encourage more critical thinking into the issues that affect the local undergraduates as well as the larger community. The 2nd Dialogue was with Associate Professor, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs entitled “Mendaki and the Challenges of the Malay-Muslim Community”.

Mendaki is one of the organizations that have provided significant sponsorship and support for many of our events. One of the aims of the dialogue was to attempt to understand the role of Mendaki in the community. This was achieved through a corporate presentation and a related exposition of the statistics and figures that describe the “Malay” community in Singapore.

Another aim of the dialogue was to provide the audience with an opportunity to raise questions and concerns as undergraduates and as members of the larger community. In the dialogue segment, the honourable Minister clarified the role of Mendaki vis-à-vis the common misconceptions that the local Muslim population has about the organization including those about the Tertiary Tuition Fund Scheme and the aims and scope of Mendaki’s welfare programs.

The most useful lesson learnt during the dialogue was that the undergraduates have a huge potential to contribute to the society and that they should concentrate on well academically and doing beneficial good.

The Undergraduate Dialogue is different from the usual talks held by NUSMS. However, it generated a significant crowd of mature thinkers and those who are concerned with the well being of the community. Hopefully, in the future, whenever there is a serious issue, our Muslim undergraduates will continue to discuss, and if possible, find a solution or inspire others to learn more about it with sincere and noble intentions.

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