Assalamualaikum my fellow amigos!

Alhamdulillah, Gold Inc. 2013: Celebrating the Golden Years was a success and warmly welcomed by both the seniors and volunteers. Gold Inc., a community outreach initiative by the outreach wing of NUSMS, is an event involving collaboration with Darussalam Mosque conceptualised to promote greater civic engagement between the elderly and the community at large. The objectives of the project were to encourage intergenerational bonding between youth and elderly, promote active ageing and also to provide opportunities for mutual learning between tertiary students and elderly in a leisure environment.

The one day mini-carnival consisted of a mass exercise section a la Zapinrobics, group-level station games and concluded with bashful performances in the Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium.

Bright and early on the Saturday morning of 9th February, volunteers decked in yellow Gold Inc. t-shirts came down to NUS University Town for final preparations for the event and to graciously welcome the seniors to the university campus. These volunteers included tertiary students from other institutions beyond NUS. Despite the early hour, spirits were high and both the volunteers and seniors broke the ice quickly in getting to know one another and share stories, having small snacks while awaiting the event opening at 9.30am. Other than seniors from Darussalam, seniors from other mosques also graced our event.

Zapinrobics, led by the zesty Abang Ram, a leading choreographer, soon began where the seniors got a chance to show their moves! Despite the hot sun and the difficulties of some of the movements, the seniors showed great enthusiasm and could follow the choreography even better than some of the youth present.

Fully warmed up by the mass exercise, our seniors proceeded with Station Games for the next 1.5 hours. The ERC was filled with screams and group cheers as the different teams went through the stations, accumulating points for the prize-giving in the finale. It was heart-warming to see the seniors so engaged and involved in all the stations. However, the photo booth station still remained the hot favourite, where the seniors unleashed their creativity in using the props to pose for best photo. One senior commented that it was the first time she had a chance to do something like this and how it made her day. Smiles were all around.

After lunch, the event moved to its finale in the Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium which was decorated traditionally. Once again, Abang Ram, with his colourful personality, greeted the audience with much gusto. His humour and antics tickled much of the seniors and they participated enthusiastically in the filler items. The performers, consisting of NUS Silat, NUS Ilsa Tari, Nur Hakiimah (nasyid group of elderly from Darussalam), and school singing talent Farhan Sam, thoroughly entertained the audience with their acts which involved elements of dance, self-defence, song-singing sessions and song dedications. The auditorium resonated with cheers and claps after every performance. To end the performance, a short video montage was shown in the dimmed auditorium to capture the moments of the day. Finally, the much-anticipated prize presentation section commenced where each group was awarded hampers of goodies. Tokens of appreciation were presented by the organising committee to various peoples who helped to make the event a success.

All in all, Gold Inc. 2013 proved to be a blessed event for all. The organising committee hopes that each and every one of the participants enjoyed the event as much as they did and built meaningful relationships, insyaAllah.

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