Assalamualaikum everyone! Praise be to Allah for giving us the strength and patience to persevere through the gruelling first half of Semester 2(: I apologise for the extremely long hiatus but fret not because… over the course of the recess week, I’ll be posting up the post event reports from various NUSMS events that have taken place thus far in 2013! 😀

First up would be Maulidur-Rasul 2013 that happened on 12th January 2013!

* * *

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds; blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad s.a.w

The key to what was locked

The seal of what has passed

The helper of truth by truth

And the guide to the straight path

And upon his Household and Companions, as is truly merited by his status and magnificent rank. Selawat al-Fatih


Thanking Allah for His great favour

Praise be to Allah Who conferred a great favour on us (Surah Ali Imran Ayat 164: When he sent forth to them from among themselves a Messenger reciting to them His verses and purifying them the Heavenly Book and wisdom). And this is a great favour for which giving thanks to Allah is obligatory (Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 172: And give thanks if it is He (Allah) alone whom you worship)

Indeed, this is the primary intention for organising the Maulid. The occasion of celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh is but one of the ways to offer thanks to Allah for His Blessed Creation of Messenger Muhammad pbuh and His s.a.w appointment for our guidance. Indeed much as been written about the great significance of this; even making the Prophets and Angels envy us.  There’s much virtue in this (such) congregation to remember and thank Allah as narrated by Imam Muslim on the authority of Muawiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) : The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. came out to a circle of his companions and said, “What made you sit together?” They (the companions r.a.) replied “We sat down to remember and praise Allah for guiding us to Islam and the great favours He has bestowed us. Our Prophet (pbuh) replied, “Jibril came to me and informed me that Allah prides on you among His angels.” May Allah ease MS’s efforts to organise such gatherings in the future.

The High Stature of Prophet Muhammad pbuh

Allah said “Allah and His angels invoke blessings on the Prophet. O you who believe! Invoke blessings on him and ask for complete peace and safety for him. (Surah Al-Ahzab: 56)

Ustaz Ibrahim Kassim’s sharing mainly centred on how special and great our Prophet Muhammad pbuh is.  Allah’s love towards His lover Prophet Muhammad is undoubted when our Prophet mentioned that “If anyone of my community invokes one blessing on me, ten good actions are written for him and ten bad actions erased.”  Also, “It is sufficient miserliness in a man that I am mentioned in his presence, he does not invoke blessings on me”. Many other benefits in just sending praises and a reading on his life justify the greatness of this great Man pbuh. The simplest selawat:  Sollallahu ala Muhammadin: May Allah send blessings to Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

The Perfection and Beauty of Our Prophet

He it is whose subtle and physical forms were perfected

Then the Originator of souls chose him as His beloved

-Burda of Imam Busairi, Chapter 3


Created were you free of every blemish

As though you were created just as you wished to be!

-Hassan Ibn Tsabit (may Allah be pleased with him)


In the Maulid @ NUS, Ustaz Zahid shared on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh who is perfect in any way: perfect is his lineage, appearance and character, such that none who saw him ever saw the like of him, before and after.


Dreaming about the Best Creation pbuh

One common question that we received was on dreaming about Prophet Muhammad to experience this blessed beauty and presence. Glad tidings to all! It was narrated by Abu Hurairah that Prophet Muhammad pbuh mentioned’ “Whoever sees me in a dream then surely he has seen me for Satan cannot impersonate me.”  So, dear readers, keep this intention to meet our Prophet in our lives before the Hereafter. May Allah bless us with the vision of Our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh in reality and dreams.


In this space, we would like to share 4 proven steps in realising this intention as shared by Habib Ali al-Jufri. Those who successfully obtain this privilege do write in to the Muslim Society.


  1. Recite selawat as many (at least 300 in the morning and afternoon each)
  2. Practice and prioritise His pbuh sunnah (with the intention and realisation that the act is exactly the way our Prophet did it)
  3. Serving the ummah
  4. Spread da’wah


O Prophet Muhammad pbuh, my soul desires you

Give all my life to this One Who is the glorious

O Prophet Muhammad pbuh, my soul desires you (so much)

With the hope to be closest to You, the most precious


May Allah give us a good understanding, for the honor of His most honoured one Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad (peace be upon him), his household and his companions.