Assalammualaikum wr wb.

The NUS Muslim Society Welcome Tea 2012 was held in the Town Plaza Global Learning Room, University Town on the 27th of August, 2012. The Welcome Tea intended to firstly, grace the freshmen arrival and matriculation into the varsity; secondly, to introduce them to the NUS Muslim Society and the upcoming events for the academic year 2012/2013 and thirdly to get to know the freshmen better and establish relationships of goodwill and solidarity. The welcome tea also intended to recruit possible ad-hoc committee members who will helm and organise several of the upcoming events.

The welcome tea kicked off with a simple address speech by the 49th President Muhammad Haziq bin Jani and the introduction of the committee members. After Maghrib prayers, the event began proper first with the sharing of tazkirah and an Al-Quran recital by Haziq. The recital of 3 verses from Surah At-Taubah which implies the importance of ukhuwwah and solidarity in Islam highlighted one of the important values within the NUSMS vision for the year.

Brother Haziq Jani, President of the 49th NUSMS Exco addressing the audience


The event then proceeded on with the presentation of the Calendar of Events for academic year 2012/2013, segmented into two parts for the Outreach and Human Enrichment Secretariats. The freshmen were encouraged to sign up for the events. Indeed, they were intrigued and excited to be involved in the events and activities that are lined up for the year. Seniors Brother Walid Jumblatt and Sister Shikeen Maidin were also invited to give a sharing on their experiences and to provide an insight on the valuable lessons they achieved throughout their involvement in NUSMS in previous years.

The freshmen listening intently to the presentation by the VP secretariats


The Welcome Tea ended with the audience being invited to enjoy the appetising festive buffet spread that had been prepared earlier while both seniors and freshmen mingled and joked with each other. The event certainly ended on a lively note as everyone expressed their anticipation to be involved in subsequent NUSMS events for the upcoming year.

To conclude, on behalf of the 49th Executive Committee, we would like to thank everyone who made the event a success! Jazakullah khayran(: & see you again in our next events, insyaAllah.