Assalammualaikum wr wb.

Last Saturday, on August fourth 2012, the NUS Muslim Society held a special event to thank our wonderful volunteers, helpers, committees and everyone who made the past AY2011/2012 a very memorable one. NUSMS Appreciates saw the coming of adhoc committee members and participants who were in one way or another involved in the planning, execution and success of events held under the banner of NUSMS.

The red carpet themed awards ceremony was graced by NUSMS members and non-members dressed in their best – some even came looking like James Bond and Cinderella! It was, after all, an awards ceremony for us to let our hair down (not for the hijabis though :P) and celebrate the joyous and eventful year. Awards were not only given to various adhoc committees, but also outstanding individuals whom without them, NUSMS would cease to exist.

Brother Remy Mahzam with the 48th NUSMS President, Danial Faizsal



List of Award Winners

  1. Most Creative Fundraising Award – YEP Team
  2. Best Logistics Team – Ar-Rihla: Night Cycling 2012
  3. Most Ra-Ra Committee of the Year – Project X INC
  4. Best Poster Design of the Year – Ar-Rihla: Night Cycling 2012
  5. NUSMS Honorary Member – Hafiz Aziz
  6. Best Project Director of the Year – Hilmi Anuar (Post 65)
  7. Most Enthusiastic Freshmen of the Year – Syatirah Harun
  8. Best Dressed Male – Ammar Malek (SDE)
  9. Best Dressed Female – Hanisah Liyana Rujana (Science)
Sister Aisyah Abdul Khalim with the 48th NUSMS President



List of Outstanding Individuals

  1. Remy Mahzam (NUSMS Website Designer)
  2. Hariz Azhar
  3. Aisyah Abdul Khalim
  4. Rozmail
  5. Farahin Ismail
  6. Rudy
  7. Humairaak
  8. Noor Danial
  9. Afif
  10. Khalis
  11. Hamzah (SHURA)
  12. Baqir (SHURA)
  13. Sumaiyah (SHURA)
  14. Farid (Auditor)
  15. Lina Diyanah (Auditor)
  16. Taufiq (Photographer/Photobooth)
  17. Hanisah (Photobooth)
Ilham and Syamira receiving the award for The Most RaRa Committee on behalf of Project X INC
Project 107 (YEP Team) receiving their award for the Most Creative Fundraising Effort

Nonetheless, the end of NUSMS Appreciates would definitely conclude to one thing – the Annual General Meeting conducted by the 48th Executive Committee of the NUS Muslim Society, and eventual appointment of the 49th Executive Committee. This year, our AGM was graced by a special guest, Prof Hussin Mutalib, staff advisor for the NUS Muslim Society. His surprise appearance added a touch of sweetness for the outgoing 48th executive committee, who seemed to be overwhelmed with emotions as they presented their reports for each secretariat in the society.

Outgoing 48th Executive Committee, top row from left to right: Ain Zafirah, Siti Radhiah, Siti Madhiah, Shikeen Maidin, Farahiyah Dina, Danial Faizsal, Safarina, Shamsydar Ani, Diyanah Anwar, Nur Safiah. Bottom row from left to right: Rizdwan, Muhd Hakim, Siswand, Hudzaifah and Farhizzam. Not in picture: Azizah.
Incoming 49th Executive Committee

Without a doubt, this past year in the 48th NUS Muslim Society executive committee has been turbulent, full of emotions, but at the same time, an experience of a lifetime. The bonds we forged with one another, as well as with other societies in NUS, in the likes of PBMUKS (NUS Malay Cultural Society), is something that no one could possible replace. As we fight towards the unity of the ummah and strive on towards the cause of Islam, we can only pray for the strength to overcome obstacles that the 49th executive committee may face during their term.

Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall.

– As-Saff, Verse 4

As I bid farewell to this virtual space I’ve grown attached to over the last year, I sincerely apologise, on behalf of the 48th Executive Committee, for any shortcomings on our side. Verily, those that are good come from Allah, and those that are bad come from us. I wish the 49th all the best in their future endeavors towards the cause of Islam. May Allah reward you accordingly, inshallah.

Lots of love,

Shamsydar Ani,

Outgoing NUSMS Website Manager