Alhamdulillah, All praises to Allah who for his mercy and kindness in ensuring that the NUSMS Night Cycling Committee 2012 is able to plan and run the event well.

Planning began as far back as 6 months ago in October 2011. Most of us of us did not know anything about each other, came from different faculties, and yet we had a common goal, i.e. to organise the annual NUSMS Night Cycling 2012 for everyone for the sake of Allah s.w.t.

The teamwork each and everyone of us experienced was commendable and certainly memorable. Much had to be done under logistics, marketing and many more. A lesson that we probably can learn from this experience is that no one is expected to to work alone without the help of his/her team members. Everyone took effort in knowing what everyone in the committee was doing so that we could render our help to one another wherever necessary.

On the actual day, we were greeted with heavy rain and thunderstorm at about 4 pm and we were slightly worried but we placed our trust in the Almighty hoping that all our hard work for the past 6 months would not go to waste. Nevertheless we were prepared for bad weather and should it continue to rain, we know and believe that things happen for a reason.

Alhamdulillah, the rain stopped during maghrib and all of us were rejoicing and were so much looking forward to the flagging off for the participants. Upon leaving the starting point (Masjid Kampung Siglap), the facilitators took charge and took great care of the participants’ safety and their needs.

The entire journey from the mosque to barrage (via the flyer), and back to the mosque covers about 30 plus kilometres. Though the figure may seem daunting, everyone cycled leisurely, enjoying the night breeze without much pain (except for the pain they got from sitting on the bicycle seat too long).  Participants bonded as a group through activities planned out at barrage and for some of them, they managed to catch a glimpse of several planets at the ‘astronomy station’.  After much fun and rest at barrage, participants headed back to the mosque for breakfast and dismissal.

All in all, we believe that the event went very smoothly, Alhamdulllah. All thanks to Allah who chose us all for organising this lovely event. And also thank you to all participants, facilitators and volunteers. Without all of you, the event wouldn’t  be successful too.  Jazakumullah Kheir. May Allah bless all of you.

NUSMS Night Cycling Comm 2012