Project X, Inc. 2012 is the collaborative effort between Tentera DiRaja Mosque and NUSMS as part of the Tentera’s initiative to promote healthy living. Previously known as Badan Sihat Minda Pun Sihat (BSMPS), Project X serves as the platform to engage the Muslim community to increase awareness of the importance of healthy living through exercises.  The motto of the main project title, “eXercise, eXceed and eXcel” encompasses Project X’s aim of empowering the individual with the ability to exceed expectations of oneself and excel through exercise and sports.

This year, we included participants from Muhammadiyah Welfare Home. On 28th January 2012, we conducted a one-day workshop revolving around the theme ‘Giving back to Society’ that inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship as well as a sense of empathy towards our society for 30 children in Muhammadiyah Welfare Home. During the workshop, the children participated in a series of sporting events like tug-of-war and street soccer. The objective was to earn as many points and redeem them for items to be included in a hamper, created by the Muhammadiyah boys themselves that will be donated to the different beneficiaries in Singapore.

On 29th January 2012, Project X,inc. conducted the Annual NUSMS vs Tentera Challenge Trophy where NUS students and members of the Tentera DiRaja Mosque meet to engage in a friendly competition in sports like bowling, street soccer and captain’s ball to gain the Challenge Trophy. At the same time, a family day was also organized for the Tentera Madrasah students, an event full of fun and excitement! The main highlight of the event was none other than SpeedTAG, where teams of 5 battle it out in a shootout using NERF guns; an event where one’s skills and agility are tested in this fast-paced competition!

What else to close such an event other than a grand lucky draw where participants and children stand a chance to win wonderful prizes from Project X, inc. Project X inc. is definitely an event to be looked forward to each year!