In its 2nd year, this event celebrates the life and the teachings of our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) and also the birth of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

The event of Maulidul Rasul aims to remember and appreciate Rasullulah (Peace be upon him), his teachings and his good deeds in Islam.  Though it’s a celebration of Prophet’s birth day, Maulidul Rasul does not only aim to praise him for his wonderful contribution towards establishing the religion of Islam, it aims to bring back fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who wishes to increase their level of spirituality with Allah s.w.t and attain inner peace and tranquillity.

The theme is in conjunction with our aim, which is to stress the importance of developing love for the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as well as following him as the best example for humanity. We hope that the love will find expression in the remembrance of the Prophet’s life and teachings in our hearts and mind. This can be done constantly offering prayers for him and in the moral requirement to follow his example in our daily lives. In addition, we strive to appreciate the good deeds of the Prophet (PBUH) and in turn, encourage and educate fellow Muslims, as well as non-Muslims on the various ways we , as members of the Prophet’s Ummah, can shadow in his footsteps in today’s modern world.

For this year’s Maulid, it will be held on two separate days. 3rd and the 6th of February. On the 3rd, there will be a short recitation of the Maulid Ad-Daibaie, which is a popular celebration of the Prophet (PBUH). After which, there will be a series of short talks that will be delivered in English by two local scholars, Habib Hassan Bin Muhammad Al-Attas and Ustaz Abdul Hamil Abdul Karim. In addition, there will a performance by Maheedul Mustafa, a local Qasidah Ensemble.

Also, there will be a recitation of the Qaseedah Burdah, also known as the Poem of the Mantle on the 6th of February. This event will be led by Ustaz Mohd Feisal Bin Mohd Hassan from the Khadijah Mosque.