As part of the NUSMS’s thRee: Relax, Refresh & Reflect event, a picnic was organized on the 12th of November 2011 for the NUS students to gather & have fun amidst their preparations for the end of semester exams. Despite the heavy rain on that day, a group of 20-30 students braved the weather & joined in the picnic that was held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

There were many great games played, good food (Alhamdulillah!) & lots of fun & laughter! It was certainly a good way for the NUS students to simply relax, take their minds off the stress, make new friends & have good healthy fun together!

Before coming to the end of the event, we had a reflection session where we sat in a circle & share with our fellow brothers & sisters our own reflection for the past semester, & learning from them. We ended the day off with a mass Asar prayers as well as hajat prayers (prayer done for the fulfillment of wishes) to pray to The Almighty & to seek His Help for our needs (that including to pass our examinations).