This one day event was an initiative as part of NUS Muslim Society sub-programme, Learning Islam Together (LIT). It was under the provision of the Human Enrichment arm of NUSMS. An imam is actually a title given to the head of a prayer. He is appointed to head a congregation of his fellow Muslim brothers & sister for all of the 5 daily prayers.

The aim of this workshop was to present and educate NUS Muslim males on the proper teachings and ways of leading a prayer. As prayers are known to be one of the main pillars of Islam, much importance has been placed on the proper and correct ways of carrying out a daily prayer. As such, this event was geared towards teaching the participants on the ways of prayer.

Led by a well-educated religious teacher or an Ustaz, participant had benefited a lot from this enriching and compact crash course. As a participant myself, I was able to clear up any misunderstanding or misconception that I had. In fact, I believe such workshops should be done frequently as many of my fellow brothers are not given enough opportunity to go through this due to other commitments or lack of free time. As such, I would like to encourage NUS Muslim Society to continue with the good work and continually be involved in improving the Iman and Akhlak of fellow Brothers and Sisters of the NUS Community.