Badan Sihat Minda Pun Sihat is an annual collaboration between Masjid Tentera Di-raja with the aim of strengthening the Ukhuwah between Masjid Tentera Di-raja and NUS Muslim Society. This collaboration is on the 4th year running and the committee have decided to give it a fresh outlook starting with its name. This year the event is named Project X Inc.

Fresh name brings fresh concept and this year the committee have decided to build upon what have been done on previous years. This event has been redesigned to outreach to more than just the families of the two collaborating involved. This year the team have brought in the boys from Muhammadiyah Welfare home into the mix. This is done with the aim of instilling leadership values though sports.

Program Highlights

Project X is a 2 day event on the 28th and 29th of January. The 1st day is a sports day camp for the Muhammadiyah kids. This camp will have a ‘Giving back to the society’ theme which is in line with Muhammadiyah welfare home theme of the month.

The 2nd day of the event would be the Masjid Tentera Di-raja family day which would include the traditional challenge trophy amongst athletes from NUS Muslim community and the families of Masjid  Tentera Di-raja. The non athletes are not left out in this event as there are fun filled programs for the entire family.

Day 1 highlights

  • NUS tour for Muhammadiyah kids
  • Tug of War
  • Soccer
  • Sharing session

Day2 highlights

  • Mass exercise
  • Family telematch
  • Speed tag
  • Street Soccer
  • Captains Ball
  • Lucky Draw


Through this collaboration we hope to strengthen the Ukhuwah with the Masjid Tentera Di-raja. Being the first time we are expanding our outreach we hope that this event would serve as a stepping stone for future events to include other Muslim organisation in Singapore.

(The most firm bonds of belief are: Supporting others for the sake of Allah, showing enmity for the sake of Allah, loving for the sake of Allah, hating for the sake of Allah the Almighty ) (Sahih Aj Jame’ 2539)