Post65 is project by NUSMS in collaboration with Muhammadiyah Health and Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens (MHCC). This project is aimed to give back to the community, and is targeted at the elderly aged 65 years old and above. This event revolves around promoting Active Ageing.

According to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Ageing Population, Singapore’s elderly population is estimated to grow at a rate of 4.3% over the next 15 years. This is relatively high compared to rates reported (source: 2001 World Development Indicators, the World Bank Group) for other countries, for example United States (2.1%), Australia (2.4%) and United Kingdom (1.1%). Today, about 9% of our population are aged 65 years and above. By the year 2030, this will increase to 19%. One in five Singaporeans will be at least 65 years old then. This will have serious implications on our community. The challenge of fulfilling the needs of the aged as well as meeting the aspirations of the young at the same time will become very pressing.

We wish to embark on this POST65: Walk & Wheelathon 2012 create opportunities for inter-generational bonding against the backdrop of fun and laughter. There will also be exhibits to promote and increase awareness of active senior citizenry. It is our sincere hope that the various activities planned contribute towards dispelling the ageist attitude amongst the younger generation, and, concurrently shaping the belief of elderly as contributors, rather than dependents.

We will be organising a fundraiser for MHCC, which is a one-day 6.5km public walk and wheelathon event on the 4th March 2012, Sunday at East Coast Park from 0700 to 1800hrs. The Guest-of-Honour gracing our event is to be advised. The number of participants we are targeting at will be 700 participants. Each participant will be receiving one goodie bag each, containing packet drinks, buns, biscuits, etc. Approximately 5000 members of the public will be expected at our event. We hope to raise a minimum sum of $100 000 from the walk and wheelathon event and also from sponsorships. Following which, proceeds will be channeled to MHCC for their use.