Attending university is a huge step, whether one is moving across the world, to a new state, or simply within your hometown. You will face new experiences, make new friends, and open yourself up to a whole world of knowledge. It can be a very exciting time in your life, but also a bit intimidating and scary at first. As a Muslim, it is important to find a way to navigate and explore these new horizons, while maintaining your Islamic lifestyle and identity.

You will face many questions as you venture into the college world: What is it like to live with a non-Muslim roommate? Can I eat halal in the college dining hall? Where can I pray on campus? How can I fast Ramadan with my demanding class schedule? What should I do if I’m tempted to drink? How can I avoid awkward encounters with guys/girls? Will I spend Eid alone?

There are people who can help guide you in your new environment, connect you with new groups of friends, and provide Islamic grounding in the midst of university life.